Stop DHS corruption

My issue is with Iowa DHS. The way the handle their each individual case. Each individual case is different, yet they are trained to believe that every parent is an abusive parent. Each child has a different story and different situation. Yet they are trained and follow a certain set if rules regulations guidelines. Not every child abuse accusation should be handled the same way. Like for instance, I call DHS on some random person I know nothing about. Call them in for child abuse. They couldn't be farther than the truth. I probably just tore that family apart because DHS handled it the same as every other case. My boys were taken from me by DHS. They were not kept together they lied about my son's health as far as to tell me he was dying and he's not. How do you move forward when DHS only wants you to fail and give you endless amount of hoops to go through. Who is in charge of them. Because all I see is people with endless amount of power and no rules. I wasn't aware that iowa DHS was above the law???? Iowa DHS has more power then law enforcement?