My one and only 6 year old Granddaughter, It’s the FIGHT of my life for my sweet incense Brook!!

Am a 46 year Grandma in a little rural county called Roane county West Virginia, I grew up hear and birth hear am all America girl am no better than most I’ll say if your not for.(president Trump) this is not for you I lost a child my only son at to 20 to the oil rig’s Osha did the first ever Oct. Doc. Report yes I have. No one payed in my eye’s. But that was not end of 2011 on July,22 in the wee hour’s of the morning. A month to the day on 8/22/2011 I lost my first grand child a granddaughter at 16 day’s in Childers hospital in Cincinnati Ohio that was my only child left on earth my daughter’s baby. And thought I would never be a grandma to hear it said but come 2013 the day before my son’s Birthday I got a granddaughter she carry’s her name as her middle name with pride and her father had my daughter on a rough road I did want to see so I dodged it and he assured me I was wrong but that was the only issue we ever had he even called me mom. But on 7/27/17 we was in a car wreck and killed about 5 minutes from there apartment I had my daughter she had wanted my granddaughter Brook was just a little over 4 years at that time I traveled state to places to see and be with them so I was alway’s a big part of her life and with all the lost people say thing’s they don’t mean to and if it’s tried and and Judge dismisses it and wish’s you well and court is paid and any fine’s and your increase unless found guilty if not no one would need a lawyer. That 10/17 a not so good guy to put it nice was a beater to a my daughter and made thing’s worse and him and his dad and Sept mom was very rude and hard on my grand child but after this county never change with a wrongful arrest in March of 2016 to me and not read my right and done so dirty I no longer trust the law hear at all they stick together like butter most of them hear any way. So they sat it up as I hit a officer that they knew never happened or a false 911 call to put it as even no contest and than there was a dvp filed on me a lie from my husband I was separated from do to the grief so I was told I had to counter it in mad jester court with a tpo and a dvp so I did and the judge read my letter and prof and all and said with tear’s in his eye’s you all have been though a lot have any one got any thing to add while I dismiss this on both parties. So it was one year and six months and two week’s and one day and we stayed out of the town most hated to even go in to pay taxes in fear for your life the way they act. BUT NOW TO GET TO THE BIG POINT I HAD MY GRANDDAUGHTER SEANCE MARCH,16/2018 and have a paper cps with case worker and manger names on it and this was from 9/21/18 I had her in kindergarten she graduated and went to first grade this year it was a difference she Sean it was not fun and game’s no more but she made me so proud all A+ and ?% and ? but one first full week and missed out of all her test that Friday only 2 on one give her still a 67% a D but I told her I was proud we work on it now with that I have her 11 months and a week the cps lady carol goes to the school her first and had her up set and than on the 8/27/19 come hear she Sean her and run back in the house yes her mom had been in trouble and had addiction but favor thing’s that never care if my beautiful daughter would die or not but she must be strong for she still but may be still lost but she bagged them to leave her with my granddaughter Brook and this heart cps lady and the judge told when my daughter was in there over some of her issues that they no more about than me they see you more than I do. But than on 8/28/19 they took her from the school never gave me a paper a court date nothing for no resin for if a Judge dismisses something it’s done and there putting her thought so much there making me feel overs is sure lee better than our country at this point the prosecutor has a grudge and you never use a child when it’s not the best for the child and it’s now 9/7/19 and they still have gave me no paper no we’re my granddaughter is and to call no visit or nothing am her grandma I took nothing from or no one I love her with all my heart I’ll stop at nothing thing’s need changed hear before they continue killing incense people. I was doing pretty good for every I have had on me. But no I will never get over the lost of my son but I never thought I would say this is wrong and worse than death. I have gave them time they state phones and one time answer never called back all summer long was hear on 9/21/18 and right before Christmas and right after the first of the year and in April no voice mail set up on her phone it’s Apple I phone so I have so I no she has to or just not doing her work and I have grandparents rights even in West Virginia and if I could I would adopt her but they won’t listen am getting one big team of lawyers to fight for my granddaughter. I need her as much as she need’s me if not more all I want is my grand daughter back I took good care of her this has tormented me so I will be filling on them and and I have tried the right way but am not giving they have made sick from prayers and love it’s 9/7/19 and am worrying my self to death other her it was a week before they even got her med’s So please put a stop to this before I lost my mind and cool very
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