I want my children back cps always has the control but for what separate family’s at all cost??? What’s the point for a parent? Us who aren’t gov officials loose every right to everything but under that badge there is people like us humans….. they don’t protect they make u suffer I’m a mother of 6!!!! But cps says I can no longer be a mother??? I want support I want cps corruption to stop I want them to realize we are all the same people shouldn’t we all be innocent until proven guilty they can just assume we are bad parents without proof and I’m sure get away with it what about us parents who deserve to be heard and also deserve to be happy I never asked for my children to be taken cps has lied and keeps lying just to take them away and now my rights are pending termination until my pending appeal is reviewed I had a case last year with my 5 and I just had my daughter and she was taken from me at 1 month this is traumatizing and painful but there quick to just say I’m doing drugs I steal etc take long copy’s of every little thing they can get lying about everything I don’t have nothing else in mind but to keep fighting and sharing my story because it’s just so messed up that they can quickly judge anybody but honestly they should be out catching the heartless parents and instead they take away another person treasure I asked this to be shared anywhere and with all my heart I hope to be supported because all I want is my children help me please before it’s to late