Keep the FDA Out of All Stem Cell Treatment

The FDA Continues to Interfere in Life Saving Stem Cell Treatment

Millions of people including children suffer from diseases in our country that rob them from the life they deserve. Stem Cell Treatment offers a proven cure for people that suffer from debilitating illnesses. It is proven over and over again. People travel all over the country to see Stem Cell doctors and experience the relief of being cured of debilitating diseases.

Although President Obama lifted the ban on using Stem Cells, the FDA continues to attempt controlling treatment between doctors and their patients,however the mandate of the FDA is food and drug administration and not medical practice.

Don't allow the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies run our country. We have the right to the care that will stop the suffering of the people in our country. This is outside the jurisdiction of the FDA but they keep filing injunctions and taking these brave doctors away from treating the people. That means suffering people have to wait when the cure is here. Research is no longer necessary. These doctors went forward with out the funding and are saving lives now.

Problems with the FDA discourages other doctors from learning how end the suffering and cure people.

Please put a stop to the FDA now and once and for all keep them out of this field.