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Issue Murder Indictment of George W. Bush

Launching a War of Aggression is the Supreme Crime Against Humanity as established at Nuremberg by United States Chief Prosecutor Justice Robert H. Jackson ["if certain acts of violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them and we are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others, which we would not be willing to have invoked against us"] and when George W. Bush attacked and invaded Iraq without securing a new war resolution as required, from the United Nations Security Council [a signed Treaty], his invasion, occupation, and everything that followed became a War of Aggression, totally illegal and immoral from the very first day.

George W. Bush, with command responsibility, bears full accountability and personal responsibility for the unlawful deaths of over 1,000,000 Iraqis, and over 4,100 American soldiers, who were killed in Iraq as a direct result of his launching an illegal and immoral War of Aggression against Iraq, and all these killings based on his totally false pretense of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq posing an imminent threat to the United States and all the big lies he told about Iraq [that Iraq is an "imminent threat" to the United States, capable of attacking the United States within forty-five minutes, and Iraq may actually be planning an attack on the United States, and Iraq has deadly nuclear weapons that could result in a mushroom cloud over one of our cities - and Iraq has huge stockpiles of the most dangerous and deadly Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) known to mankind].

Like Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, Wilheim Keitel, and the other Nazis Leaders, who were tried and found guilty at Nuremberg, issue a murder indictment of George W. Bush and commence trial on the following charges: genocide; conspiracy to commit crimes against peace; war crimes; crimes against humanity; and crimes of mass murder and torture of human beings in custody.


1.) President Bush, for example, made 232 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and another 28 false statements about Iraq's links to Al Qaeda.

2.) The Nuremberg Trials - Nazis Leaders on trial.

3.) George W. Bush - tried and found guilty of genocide, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity by an International War Crimes Tribunal of Conscience - the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, in compliance with proper legal process - VERDICT
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Jul 7th, 2016
Someone from Middlefield, CT writes:
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This "war" was a fraud from the day one and anyone who wished to see this could easily see it from the constant lies.There were no WMD and UN observers and inspectors stated this.The story changed from "buried WMD' to "Being driven around in trucks", then it was they were hidden in Syria," etc. America seems to believe that no laws apply to it Yet Nuremberg and Japanese War Trials show that persons and nations can be held accountable. George H Bush was a total incompetent whose entire life was evasion of responsibility, whether it be his cocaine us,e drunken driving arrests, his fake military record and finally desertion in time of war. Do what England is doing: bring that administration to the courts.
Jul 6th, 2016
Someone from Los Angeles, CA signed.
Jul 6th, 2016
Someone from Brooklyn, NY signed.
Jul 5th, 2016
Someone from Austin, TX signed.
Jun 29th, 2016
Someone from Herndon, VA signed.
Jun 28th, 2016
Someone from Warren, OH writes:
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It's time to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!
Jun 24th, 2016
Someone from Bogalusa, LA writes:
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Read Isaiah chapter 33 verse 16 through 18 and look at what Federal Agriculture closed out at today 34.38 I am 38 years old
Jun 24th, 2016
Someone from Bogalusa, LA signed.
Jun 24th, 2016
Someone from Bogalusa, LA writes:
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The sick Bastard let Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda and his devil worshipping cult shoot me with lazers
Jun 24th, 2016
Someone from Somerville, MA signed.
May 30th, 2016
Someone from Rocky Mount, NC signed.
May 24th, 2016
Someone from Saint Albans, VT signed.
May 20th, 2016
Someone from La Mesa, CA signed.
May 16th, 2016
Someone from Merced, CA writes:
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His father should be arrested for his role in jfk assisanation too
May 16th, 2016
Someone from Castle Rock, CO signed.
May 14th, 2016
Someone from Port Saint Lucie, FL signed.
May 10th, 2016
Someone from Huntington, TX writes:
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If even I had even entertained the ideas GWB is guilty of carrying out, the Thought Police would have already arrested me.
May 8th, 2016
Someone from Spring, TX writes:
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It is clear that the Iraqi War was based on false information. Whether the information was intentionally fabricated to justify a war of aggression is one question that needs to be answered in a war crimes trial. If there is probable cause to believe the war was instigated on the basis of a fraudulent pretext, all US officials who were party to that conspiracy should be indicted for the capital offense of committing a war crime against the Iraqi people. A lesser included charge should also be considered - was the Administration criminally reckless in its analysis of the information on which basis the invasion was launched. If so, the perpetrators should be charged with war crimes. It is difficult to imagine any justification for the decision of the US Government to behead the Government of Iraq and set up a US puppet state in Iraq after it was discovered that the basis for the invasion was false. Even if the invasion was justified as a preemptive strike, the occupation was not justified as soon as the invading forces confirmed that Saddam posed no threat to the United States. The occupation and regime change is a form of military conquest that must be condemned as a war crime in itself. The Administration, which includes Bush and all of his neocon advisors who aided and abetted the decision to occupy and change the regime of the Iraqi government following the confirmation of no weapons of mass destruction in that country should be indicted for war crimes.
May 2nd, 2016
Someone from Phoenix, AZ signed.
Apr 30th, 2016
Someone from Pompano Beach, FL writes:
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Prosecute every guilty one of them. May the Iraqi people forgive us for what we did to them. So many US soldiers lives destroyed.. Many of us protested at the beginning, before the war started.
Apr 24th, 2016
Someone from Salt Lake City, UT signed.
Apr 24th, 2016
Someone from Oregon City, OR signed.
Apr 23rd, 2016
Someone from Cortlandt Manor, NY signed.
Apr 20th, 2016
Someone from Arnoldsburg, WV writes:
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i am sick of the rich people getting away with murder and with george w bush it really was murder and he laugh to are faces because obama is afraid to prosecute them
Apr 19th, 2016
Someone from Lake Elsinore, CA signed.
Apr 17th, 2016
Someone from Santa Barbara, CA writes:
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Apr 17th, 2016
Someone from Cape Coral, FL writes:
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Apr 11th, 2016
Someone from Kalispell, MT signed.
Apr 8th, 2016
Someone from Key West, FL signed.
Apr 8th, 2016
Someone from San Antonio, TX signed.
Apr 6th, 2016
Someone from Mountain Top, PA signed.
Apr 4th, 2016
Someone from Rockton, IL signed.
Mar 31st, 2016
Someone from Holbrook, NY writes:
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My generation and generations younger than us are going to feel the effects of his political decisions for a very, very long time. Not to mention the billions of lives and dollars already wasted by his administration.
Mar 27th, 2016
Someone from Spring Hill, FL signed.
Mar 27th, 2016
Someone from Salem, OR writes:
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He is no better than any other criminal who commits murder and so he should be prosecuted fully just like anyone else.
Mar 20th, 2016
Someone from Turrell, AR writes:
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and all the public figures past and present guilty of war crimes. law and order must be restored, in order to restore the faith of the people.
Mar 19th, 2016
Someone from Salt Lake City, UT writes:
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Isn't it a crime to not prosecute George buck
Mar 18th, 2016
Someone from Holland, MI writes:
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George walker bush is a scum rat, unethical torturous maniac devil, who needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Put that dirty, rotten bastard on trial and execute that piece of trash white scumbag of a human being.
Mar 17th, 2016
Someone from Mckinney, TX writes:
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I feel that Dick Cheney should be indicted for murder and war crimes. Bush, Cheney, Netenyahu and Chertoff should be charged with crimes against humanity for planning and executing 9/11 to wage a war of genocide upon the Muslim people in full cooperation with the Zionist Israeli Mossad. Obama and his administration need to be charged with crimes against humanity for continuing this atrocity that has now stretched 15 years long and still has no end in sight.
Mar 16th, 2016
Someone from Rockton, IL signed.

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