Investigate Webster County CPS and Family Court

I have very good reason to believe that their is corruption in the following counties: Webster, Kanawha, Nicholas and Fayette County here in West Virginia! 3 counties for the simple fact, I believe Kanawha County sold me as a sex slave due to 2 homes they had placed me in. At the age of 4 I was taken from cps and told to draw a picture of my brother sexually assaulting me. Then in my first home, I soon had learned that cps placed me under the roof of the devil himself. I went through years of assault. Sexual, mental and physical! At 7 I was raped! The doctor hadn't even given me a papsyhmere and let me go back home to the woman who had raped me!!! Second home same thing happened. Cps took my first born due to never hearing me out, but listening to these ill minded brings they believed I was safe with! Cause cps never listens to the kids and always the parents. Something I had been told from the get go! Cps has haunted my life and still yet controls it by tearing me down year after year! Why can't those who have suffered receive help?! Why is it we have to beg to be heard? Why do we have to have a high school diploma to file a discrimination complaint?! Why since being a foster child has cps tracked my every move and forces me to go to therapy whenever I suffered at their hands?! Please help me?! I beg you President Trump!!! Please do the right thing and bench Judge Jack Alsop! Fire Patricia Myers and whomever else think they are above the law. With that being said! The Prosecuting attorney shouldn't have his job with rumors of him having sexual relations with a minor and same as Patricia Myers husband! How is it that she can hold her job, whenever her granddaughters, grandfather is known for making deals with women to fornicate with him in order to keep their kids?! But she's putting her grandchild in harm's way by allowing this man, her husband, around her grandchild?! Yea they may come after me! But ive taken enough trap from them for 22 years and I'm tired of caring about their feelings! At least I'm not scared to speak the truth!!!

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