Invest in America First Act

The people call on the congress and federal government to regulate higher education in the following ways:

1. Require that all NCAA sports programs be funded by at least 90% by non-educational sources, i.e. not school tuition, books, fees, and outlaw student fees that the not-for-profit schools are using to funnel money into these programs while paying coaches multi-million dollar contracts and ballooning endowments.

2. Make the interest rate on all federally backed student loans that are still on the books and all future loans 0%. If the government can print money to prop up industries that do stock buybacks one month, beg for "relieve" the next, and then layoffs the following month; or better yet the stock market to "keep the economy alive", the government should have zero issues with treating student loans as an investment in the future of the country and "American way of life".

3. Mandate that public colleges and universities refactor their tuition and tie it directly to the rate of inflation starting in 1980 and then adjust forward from there. Not-for-profit means no profit when the books are closed annually, and if you look at how higher education works in this country, it no longer fits under this designation and hasn't for many years, if not decades.

4. Outlaw private (predatory) lending for students in careers that require more extensive schooling and often are targeted by lenders as they often have no recourse other than to take private loans that put their future at risk. Education should not be something money is made off of, not if you want future America to have a chance against the rest of the world.

5. Make all tuition fully tax refundable for students that pay out of pocket. If corporations can write off all sorts of ridiculous things via the tax code, the least the government can do is help students and professionals that require higher levels of education/ongoing education a path to affordable schooling without financing their futures away to bean counters.

6. Require that corporations offer full tuition or education assistance ($5,250 is the limit as of 2021 and is a write-off for the employer) and mandate each company offer a simple process for getting it approved within a company. If an employee cant get the benefit approved due to red tape making it nigh impossible to get, then the company cant list it as a benefit for employees and should be barred from getting assistance from taxpayers or be allowed to issue a stock dividend until they do so.