If we can decriminalize marijuana, We can decriminalize child support

My name is Rosann Shalimar Hamilton. I am a disabled veteran of the United States Army who has PTSD. After returning from working with the DOD in Hawaii, I sub come to cancer, which led to Pennsylvania giving custody to my estranged husband. Unempathetic to my health and conditions leading to my children's arrival in their state, Pennsylvania demanded child support or threatened me with incarceration. Recuperating from this life-threatening surgery performed at Johns Hopkins, I had to cut my healing process short and immediately find work. Unable to work in the full capacity of my field, I was fortunate my previous employer in Maryland heard of my health condition, which rendered me homeless because I could not work and now would land me in prison, gave me work in an administrative capacity. Fighting severe depression over losing my children compounded with PTSD of my 10 years experience in the US Army, I struggled and continue to struggle every day to work. Knowing I needed mental healthcare, I sought treatment at the VA and work with a therapist every two weeks. However, the state of Pennsylvania continues to treat me like a terrorist. They flagged my credit report and employment file, which mortified me as I try to keep my personal life separate from work and prying eyes. They treat me like a felon when I call, as if I am on parole with the constant threat of prison hanging over my head. As a veteran suicide survivor, words are not enough to explain how hard I fight to stay alive. Especially when the threat to my life comes from me. Words fail to explain how difficult it is for me to get up and go to work daily when all I want to do is stay hidden from the world. I could not even tell you where I find the strength to continue working on my degree. But I do it hoping one day continuing to fight against the strong desire to give up will positively influence my children's life with whom I am no longer in contact. I don't know if this petition will make a difference. I do know that every time I receive notification from the state of Pennsylvania, it triggers a traumatic episode. Since we decriminalized marijuana, what about decriminalizing the child support system? I do understand why we as veterans commit suicide. And if my experience with the State of Pennsylvania is an indication, I can see how we could feel that our service to the country seems less relevant than our residency status. I honestly believe that taking my life is the solution to this. Because it would literally solve the problem of Pennsylvania having to deal with one less "deadbeat parent" and simultaneously manage their overpopulation prison systems. But, I am reaching out for straws here, hoping I land on something significant to keep me from drowning. Again, my name is Rosann Shalimar Hamilton. I want to live despite myself.