Humanitarian Food Solution

Get the FOOD produce CORPORATE's around the WORLD to calculate their weekly food loss because of expiration dates on shelf life so we can secure food in all the countries in need of FOOD. 40% of the U.S. food per year gets thrown in the trash because of expiration on shelves in stores. In the U.S. alone, there is approximately 375,000,000 and the population only requires 60% of it to sustain and with the other 40%, it would probably feed 100,000,000 people for a year in those countries instead of a loss anyways because of throwing it away and expiring it useless. Lift the SANCTIONS and secure the FOOD for HUMANITARIAN reasons and I want an HONORABLE government official to give me the time I need to educate further in so many areas but SANCTIONS are criminal and resulted in STARVATION or FAMINE in history. I could secure our WORLD right now if {Joe Biden} would let me discuss things but this is a simple TEMPORARY fix until I can tell him how I need him to secure further because I already figured it out a long time ago and just sit abused waiting for you all to give me a chance so I can feed the CHILDREN...

=x/.\x= {Hulcules}