Help Ukrainian orphans have a voice

Act now to help hundreds of Ukrainian children and teens! These kids are orphans who are living in deteriorating and even dangerous conditions throughout Europe. Every day, some face neglect, bullying, physical abuse, and corporal punishment. Some do not receive regular or nutritious meals. Others are denied medical treatments and medicine. There is a lack of supervision, little education, and boredom compounds isolation. Most of these orphans have experienced complex trauma, learning delays, and many have disabilities. 300 of these children and teens have connections with American families who love them and would like to care for them until the war ends. 300 orphans have a better option, but bureaucracy stands in the way. Please sign the online petition to ask US President Joseph Biden and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to work together to allow these orphans to come to the US to the families who are waiting for them. This petition shows the support of Americans to bring the children home and it’s time to listen to the will of the people!