Fortworth Family court corruption

We the people stand as one who does not exercise bio courparate laws of government entity ..We the people bring forth the common law not to create laws but to follow the law in 1983 congress announce that the bible is law there fore what God has created let no man take apart ten commandments is law . .. Patricia Becca Bennit has committed unconstitutional act against I laura Winkles ,and Patricia Becca Bennit needs to be recuse from my case for i can't have a fare trial with conspiracy title 18 sec 241 that has been committed by family court judge patricia Becca Bennit and her associate judge Reek cps supervisor Gene and Supervisor consuela caseworker Demetria jackson and investigator jessica Eastman are all guilty of extortion and trafficking my kids to foster mom n dad Gina n mike Smith ..I have evidence that forgery was committed by all party's of cps. .and Attorney kerry owens who sign his name to my baby daddy signature with out his permission of consent for he was incarcerated and they new how to reach him they did not tell him of mediation or give him a letter but they took it on there own to sign his name under penalty of forgery that makes this mediation a lie pergury a crime that needs to be investigated by supprem court ,and federal Detectives this is unconstitutional .I did everything cps asked and more they lied to me committed pergury under oath and so did judge .I was give nothing but a monitor return i completed all classes successful passed my hair test got a job a car my own place I should got my kids in court judge Patricia Becca Bennit said let's get your kids home so don't get pregnant.i didn't know I was pregnant it is my god giving right to have children I'm a free women no slave I'm under the law of God not entity's or man governments I am under the law of we the people .I am demanding my children home with me I never wanted a mediation I was forced lied to threaten attacked emotionally and the Attorney I had lied to me didn't explain the mediation I didn't understand it .they have never practice the mediation fare it's only been one sided the hole time .I don't want this contract my children are being injured seriously just toddlers who have sufferd near death injuries .. Brailynn 2 yrs old had a broken leg in foster mom's care and Addy 3 yrs old had concussion almost from serious head called cps they came out investigion done closed it in 3 weeks as all accidents ..cps would have removed them if it we're me that is discrimination against my rights as there mother they are prejudice always discriminate me for being lower class single mom who works I'm considered middle class so it's all about money my children have been sold they get money to abuse my children and I'm standing up for my rights as a National free woman living soul God created not man who can prove my children are mine we have same DNA that is our trade mark.
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