Fight Dcfs in Lancaster, Ca over using their power

Hi my name is eleanor boykins and I am a mother of six beautiful children ages 11,10,8,5,2, and 6 months. I have taken care of my children as a single mother up until three years ago when I met my fiancé. I currently reside in Lancaster, ca. The Dcfs system out here feels like they have more power than they do. I exercised my 4th amendment rights multiple times as well as my 6th amendment right and they threatened me multiple times of getting warrants to remove my children. They state my children are children described in section code 300 and removed my children based on section code 342. They stated my children were in imminent danger. I have never abused any of children, never laid a hand on them. They were not understanding to the fact that I didn’t want their services and my children did not require the things they asked me to force into their lives. My rights to what I wanted as a mother did not matter and my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was completely taken away. Congress needs to reform the laws and the rights that Dcfs feels they can make regarding a lot of woman’s children in Lancaster, ca. Please help us good mothers who are suffering and loosing out on the opportunity to be in our children’s lives. Dcfs in Lancaster is using the section codes to do legal kidnapping off of false statements from social workers who don’t even do their jobs and make false accusations. I went from having my kids 168 hrs a week to being able to see them 2-5 hrs a week I have missed out on 3 months of my children’s lives. They have taken thanksgiving, I celebrated my 8,5,2 years old daughters birthday in a room around 450x 450 square foot with all 6 children. They took Christmas as well as New Years and now I will celebrate my sons 11th birthday at Dcfs as well. These are memories I will never get back and never be able to obtain again. I haven’t been given due process as well and the social workers are not helping me with anything please congress listen to our cries for help something needs to be done. What was the constitution written and signed for if no one is going to respect it.
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