Equality for females in the military

Females in the military are not treated equally among men as they are not allowed to join the infantry for the simple fact that they are a woman

The military is not like the normal world outside it, not all of the women are weak, scared, and defenseless beings. However the women who join the military are most definitely not. Most women who join the military join for one reason, to fight in the infantry. Due to the rediculous rules set before them, women often have to do a job in the military that they have no interest or desire in at all which can cause people to die. Some of the reasons for this rule is that women have hygiene standards that cant be kept in a combat environment, which is not true. Women are already in a combat environment when they deploy and they are not 5 year olds, they can take care of themselves, besides thats what medical professionals are for. Another reason is that women are weak, not all of them are, some can outpreform men and the women who do are the ones who want to be in the infantry. the other reason is that there would be alot of sexual activity going on... what makes you think there isnt already and if you are concerned with that then just make a separate platoon for them. Women would recieve all the training that the males recieve which will make them less likey to become a casualty and in doing so make moral rise because they wouldnt be doing a job they hated making them better as an infantrywoman. The point is that this is wrong, women deserve the chance to fight in the infantry if they want to instead of never even trying. It is a major equality violation that needs to change.

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