Eliminate H-1B visa program and pathway to Permanent Residency for H-1B workers

Save American jobs, help bring this country out of this rut of stagnant wages and high unemployment

As an American citizen working in the software industry, I have seen firsthand the damage these so-called high skilled immigrants cause. These intending immigrants are the primary reason for wages of American workers to remain stagnant over the last 10 years. I urge you to support this cause to ban the H-1B visa program and employment based immigration quota once and for all.

With unemployment rate at almost 10% in the U.S., priority must be given to safeguarding interests of American citizens over those of intending immigrants. I am personally aware of American citizens fired from their jobs so they can be replaced by same or lesser skilled, cheaper overseas workers. A large percentage of these workers are employees of huge body shops involved in immigration related racketeering activities (described by Senator Charles Schumer as 'chop shops').

This country is at a dangerous crossroads and needs strong leadership from lawmakers to recognize fact from fiction, to govern keeping the interests of its citizens foremost. While I wish that people all over the world attain happiness and contentment, it cannot be at the cost of present or future generations of Americans. I hope fellow citizens will come together to support this just cause and effectively curb this cancer called employment based immigration.