Economic Recovery for the People

Help the people that need the help.

Dear Mr. President

While something must be done to help stimulate the economy I believe that giving money to the larger entities will only help those entities. The ?trickle down effect? does not work. As seen when ?wall street? received millions of dollars in bonuses.

I cannot understand how giving money to the financial sect can stop foreclosures. You must ask ?Why are they foreclosing?? and the answer will with no doubt be ?because people cannot pay the monthly mortgage.? If you really want to stop the foreclosure crisis give the people the money to pay their mortgages and the ability to get a solid mortgage. (Thus bailing out the financial institutions as well as the people)

As of today there are 306,645,658 people in the United States. ( Of those there were 235,438,000 taxpayers in 2007. ( It would make more sense and cost our government (the people) less to give some of those taxpayers a $25,000 income ?stimulus? refund. That would stimulate this economy and help bailout the banks, credit companies and almost all other businesses.

Ordinary people now struggling to make ends meet would be able to pay their bills thus putting money back into the banks, businesses and credit companies. Many will use some of the money to shop for the things not wanted, but things that are needed, maybe even a new car, thus adding to their local and world economy.

While your predecessors ?stimulus? of $600-$1200 was a fine gesture it was little help to the many who spent 3 or more times that amount just to keep warm during the winter. It did very little for a family that has been out of work for over a year. It did nothing for the family that was 2 or more months behind in their mortgage payments and is now living in a homeless shelter. This would only be a temporary bandage of course, but before a wound can heal the bleeding must be stopped.

All things must be built up?not down.

Since the people are the ones paying for a bailout, let them be the ones to spread the benefits. The more money people have to spend, the better it will be for all.

Don?t bog it down with rules and pork; make it very simple and non-complicated. If you, as a family, filed an individual tax return for 2008 (1040, 1040A and 1040EZ forms) and made under $50 thousand dollars total, you will get a stimulus check in the amount of $25,000. ($5,000 for 1040EZ filers)

Make it taxable income but at the same tax rate prior to the stimulus.

I know this may sound too easy to work and will not help the already wealthy but why does it have to be so complicated? And why should it help the wealthy?

Please, please stop ?bailing out? big business and start bailing out the people, the people who put you in the White House. The same people who put all their hopes in a ?NEW? government, a government for all the people, not just the wealthy. Please don?t let yourself or the office you hold be persuaded by money and power.

Please don?t let it be ?business and politics as usual?. A lot of people are losing this economic battle.