DO NOT REFORM our special needs children\'s healthcare.

Our special needs children deserve the therapy their doctors and therapists have requsted.

We are all parents of a special needs child. We watch our beautiful and precious children struggle every single day with simple daily tasks that you and I so easily take for granted, like feeding themselves, dressing themselves, writing, using scissors, riding bikes, coloring, bathing, etc. Simple things that Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy can help them learn and progress.

Our children's doctors, therapists, etc, that have watched our children and diagnosed and decided with a medical opinion on how much therapy they need either daily or weekly.

You and whomever is over Medicaid have decided to play god with our children's lives, you have never seen them or watched them struggle, you don't suffer the heartache when our children start regressing, because the much needed and requested therapy is taken from them, or ask why they are different and can't do things other children can do.

We , as parents, try as hard as we can to give our children the basic neccassities in life. Our children are on medicaid, because we are low income, have disabilities, can barely afford to get by ourselves,etc. We all have a story to be told, but you do not want to hear it and do not listen to our cries for help.Just because we don't have much money does not mean we are any less than you and the wealthy, or any less important, and definately does not make our children less important. It also does not mean that we can't take care of and love our children.

Therapy is very expensive and were sorry that we are not upper class and blessed with all the luxuries that money can buy. We are very blessed just to know our precious children, but to be their parents is an absolute honor.

You and the people over Medicaid do not know our children, you have never laid eyes on them, so how in the world can you possibly make the decisions regarding our children's health and therapy? How can a doctor tell us that our children need how much ever therapy to help our children progress and get to where they need to be, and then you guys tell us that it is covered, but then becomes limited, and then becomes null and void?

How could you do this to children in general, but these special children did not ask for the disabilities and handicapps that prevent them from excelling?

Our children's healthcare should not be reformed, it shouldn't even be a topic for discussion.

Children are innocent and are relying on us to help them grow and blossom, but how can we do that when you're taking away therapy, and programs for special needs children?

Could you look our children in the eyes and explain to them why they aren't progressing anymore, or comfort them when they cry because they can't do soomething that other kids their ages are doing, could you handle watching them struggle every single day with simple tasks like walking, talking, writing, eating, etc.?

That's what we have to do and it isn't right. Children didn't ask to be brought into the world, they also did

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Mar 18th, 2012
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Jan 22nd, 2012
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Dec 18th, 2011
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