Children who have a deseased parent from home ineligle for same benefits that other disabled children have an abundance of through MEDICAID.

Medicaid laws stating ONLY in black & white, when life is NOT black & white!! We have children in this state of North Carolina, my son Nathan Artrip who is NOT able to receive medical services, prescription medication, medical supplies needed, and nursing or in home part time services due to the fact that his Father is deceased and Nathan receives survivor benefits. HOWEVER now, if we choose to meet an unreasonable deductible amount that would take approx 95% of his survivor SSI amount, or if I would agree to put him in an Institution then the Govr't or Medicaid would help him. I feel this Medicaid law should be adjusted to allow for at least a percent of the services in which other children are receiving 100% of that have 2, (possibly 2 working parents in the home) so we single parents can keep our babies at home where they are comfortable, cared for & loved by those close to them!! We are not asking for the "Whole Pie", only our fair share!! PLEASE...there has to be a change or our children are going to do without MUCH NEEDED MEDICAL CARE, and possibly result in deaths. We single mothers want to work and provide for our children, but we also need proper care for them as well until we get home. PLEASE.....PLEASE hear our cries for HELP here!!!