Create a Federal Law making it a Federal Felony to Purposely Breed a Dog or Cat for Profit.

The US Government spends more than 2 BILLION DOLLARS a year to pick up, house and euthanize dogs and Cats in the USA.
10,000 dogs and 4,000 cats are euthanized EVERY SINGLE DAY / EVERY 24 HOURS in American shelters.
This surplus of dogs and cats makes for an easily accessible storehouse for criminally sadistic individuals such as in today's news a man admits to adopting a dog off Craigslist for the sole purpose of burning her alive.
This type of cruelty is all too common and similar events are a daily occurrence in the USA.
In addition to the other negative aspects of this issue of purposely breeding dogs is that over the years, a breed of animal, a dog, that was at one point in time completely self-sufficient and wild is now almost completely dependent on humans. Additionally, dogs bred for profit are the sickest and lamest of all dogs.
When society fails laws must be enacted!