CPS drug testing on prescription medications, Johnson county Texas CPS corruption and HEPPA violations

CPS has limited funding when it involves confirmatory drug testing. A standard urinalysis is not a confirmatory test! Especially when it involves prescription medications. I am still battling for my son 2 years later due to a drug test showing I tested positive for oxycodone and morphine because my PRESCRIBED hydrocodone falls under their opioid classification on the standard urinalysis. When I go to court, CPS expresses concern that I’m an opioid addict. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE AND ALL DUE TO INACCURATE TESTING. Opioids/ opiates all fall under a category (ex. Morphine, heroine, oxycodone, etc.) on cheap urine screenings.... these urine tests provided to case workers are given a cheap 5 + panel urine tests which involve : amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, hallucinogenic drugs, cocaine and opiates... well unfortunately 3 out of those are prescribed to me! amphetamines (adderall, vyvanse, etc), benzodiazepines (Xanax, clonazepam, etc) and opioids/opiates (hydrocodone, PLUS ANY OTHER MEDICATION THAT HAS THIS INGREDIENT, INCLUDING HEROINE!) ... the good thing is amphetamines are differentiated from meth amphetamine so I was cleared for my adderall, benzodiazepines are not an issue; However, HYDROCODONE HAS AN OPIATE INGREDIENT. The list of medications involving this ingredient vary from oxycodone, OxyContin to Percocet, hydrocodone, heroine, even Morphine. The abbreviation for opiates and opioids on 2 of the drug tests given to me (provided by the dept of family services) had this sections labeled MOP on the 1st and OXY on the 2nd instead of a simple OPI. We need ALL case workers to have access to accurate drug screenings. This would involve a urinalysis that labels this category simply as OPIOID/OPIATE or OPI positive and if there is suspected heroine accusations then send those people for more extensive testing PERIOD. My case worker violated my HEPPA rights and sent my inaccurate readings to my sons father and BAM! My son is stuck in a house with 8 people living in a 3 bedroom home. He’s constantly sick, has worms, lice and has just recently learned the phrase “suck my dick.” My son is 5! We have to change this immediately so my son can come HOME WHERE HE BELONGS. We NEED confirmatory drug screening (which urinalysis testing IS NOT) if they can’t afford confirmatory testing (i.e. body hair, nail bed) then we need to provide case workers with a urine screening that places opiates/opioids under one category. We also need to enforce regulation on protecting our HEPPA rights. I am no longer on hydrocodone as a direct result of this and against doctors orders I’ve decided to stick with it in order to get my son back. I live in pain every day but it’s not nearly as bad as the pain I live with everyday without my son.
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