Corruption in schoharie county ny cps unit

I received notice that I was being investigated for a charge that I leave my 14 year old son home on weekends when I visit my boyfriend. My 19 year old son lives home with me and my 14 year old son. The allegation is that I leave my 14 year old with little to no food at home. The case worker asked to enter my home which I denied. She asked if i.eould take a picture of the food in my refrigerator. I did. She told me that she did not plan to pursue this case. She was going back to the office and speaking to her supervisor. About an hour later I receive a text message from a case worker saying they are going to continue to open a case. I feel railroaded. I have had an issue with cps in the past and I needed a lawyer. Needless to say I will need a lawyer again. All for what an allegation my 14 year old son doesnt have food when I showed the caseworker there is food in the fridge? Scared of knowing the corruption and lies of this department. Now I live in fear again. I have not done anything wrong and now it appears I will live in fear and need to watch over my shoulder for nothing along with the countless amounts of money I will need to give a lawyer again. Talk about a way to take money from my kids mouths for food which now will go to paying a lawyer.