Congressional Reform and Accountability Act

Its time congress and the federal government started dealing with the realities of what the rest of the American population has to deal with on a daily basis, and started playing by the same rules.

1. Restrict congressional benefits to time in office only, just like if you were working a job like most ordinary Americans.

2. Require that all personal assets such as stock, 401ks, other investments be managed in a blind trust and that compliance and oversight by an independent ethics oversight panel for violations.

3. Mandate that any official in congress immediately recuse themselves from voting in matters where they have a conflict of interest of any kind.

4. Treat violations of laws and procedures the same as you would with ordinary citizens of the United States. Just because the person is a Senator or Congressperson should not mean that it's ok for them to knowingly violate laws and disclosure requirements and have no real consequences as a result, up to and including expulsion from the position.

5. Mandate that Senators and Congresspersons only get paid when the rest of the government does, so if one party or the other wont work to pass a budget, then all of them don't get paid, insurance, government flights, reimbursement, or other benefits until the government and military workers that have no say in this process do.