Congressional appointment of Independent Counsel to investigate President Trump's financial interests

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Due to the unprecedented failure by President Trump to release tax documents and the lack of clear and irrevocable separation from control or impact to his financial holdings, Congress should appoint an Independent Counsel. The Office of Independent Counsel should be authorized to conduct continuous investigation of President Trump's official and unofficial actions and the impacts of those actions to his financial holdings. Additionally, the Office of the Independent Counsel should be authorized to investigate the actions of all agents, official and unofficial, foreign and domestic, acting on the President's behalf in regard to those same financial holdings. <br />
There exists no standing independent investigative and enforcement authority over the Chief of the Executive Branch. It is a Congressional duty, as a separate branch charged with the responsibility of providing the checks and balances directed by the Constitution, to provide an impartial, independent agent of the people of the United States of America to investigate allegations or evidence of abuse of Presidential authority. Additionally this agent should be empowered to investigate allegations or evidence of violations of any federal criminal law by individuals, organizations or foreign entities developed during the course of the investigation.<br />
The term of the Office of Independent Counsel should expire at such time as President Trump discloses his tax documents and places all financial holdings in a blind trust, unless evidence has revealed potential violation of federal law. Removal from or completion of elected term(s) of Congressional members or the President should not revoke the authority of the Office of Independent Counsel.

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Feb 15th, 2017
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