Child support abusers

There are a lot of women in this world who do not deserve child support and there are women who do. Good Fathers who actually provide for their child with diapers, clothing, food, belongings and important things are still being put on child support from the immature mother because she wants money to take care of her personal things such as providing for her cigarettes, her phone bill,her cable bill and gas for the car. I am a victim of being threatened to be put on child support when I told the mother of my child I will automatically going to take my paycheck and buy my daughter everything she need, but instead she rather have me give the money directly to her so she can smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and help her mom pay the internet. Please this needs to stop, there are actually good fathers out here who are being abused by child support. The woman who really really need child support should get paid somehow by the states. But this child support abusing need to stop. Good fathers need a voice.
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