Call on the United States to accept 65,000 Syrian refugees

We must all be proactive in helping Syrian refugees if we expect the rest of the world to act!

To the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and President Barack Obama

As the horrific violence in Syria continues, I strongly urge you to pledge to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees in the United States of America and keep the affected women, children, and families at the forefront of any conversation relating to the crisis.

More than 250,000 lives have already been lost. Millions of people are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance, including more than 4 million refugees in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. Over 6.5+ million people have been displaced by the gruesome violence taking place every single day in Syria. The surge of refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn and poverty-stricken regions is putting immense pressure on Europe with over 800,000 individuals applying for asylum in Germany THIS YEAR ALONE.

The United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world and has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees from around the world, yet when facing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in decades, we have only accepted about 1,500 Syrian refugees. This is an embarrassment and we must welcome more. The entire world must take notice and do more, not just America or Europe or Jordan. We must also put pressure on Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and any nation with the available means to accept thousands of refugees from Syria.

The International Rescue Committee has argued for the U.S. to accept at least 65,000 Syrian refugees and this letter is asking the President and Congress to pledge to resettle at least 65,000 Syrians by 2016. I understand that this is an enormous undertaking that requires time and resources, but we must act with generosity and compassion and help people fleeing the horrors of war. If that requires more people to process security clearances, so be it. As an American, I will also pledge to contribute money and time to organizations that will assist in the resettlement of refugees.

It is more urgent than ever that governments around the world prioritize a resolution to the conflict and facilitate the delivery of refuge and humanitarian assistance. We must all be proactive in helping these refugees if we expect the rest of the world to act.

Thank you,

A Concerned American Citizen