California Animal Lovers protest Brown\'s Proposal That Would Reimburse Shelters Only If Strays Were Kept Less Than 72 Hours

AMERICA! THESE ARE ARE PETS! Humanity, Compassion, Mercy

Gov. Jerry Brown's effort to repeal a state law that lengthened the time shelters could hang onto stray dogs and cats has raised howls of protest among animal rights organizations.

PLEASE get involved with your local Shelter; Rescue and Adoption.


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Mar 13th, 2017
Jessi B. from Apache Junction, AZ writes:
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72 hours?! We need to have more options for these animals! We need to stand up for them because they cannot stand up for themselves. We need more laws that restrict breeding, laws against abandoning an animal (for any reason!!), laws against cruelty and neglect. We need to get these animals out of the shelters with more laws that make people face consequences for mistreating an animal. They are NOT property. They are beings... you can look away afrom that fact if you choose, but its still true. They deserve better and the only way that's going to happen is if we fight for them. And giving any shelter any type of reimbursement for 72 hours or less... is disgusting, irresponsible and heartless.
Mar 4th, 2012
Someone from Sausalito, CA writes:
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It's called common decency. How shameful that Gov. Brown isn't even showing the same decency as his predecessor did. For the love of everything holy and life-affirming, bring back Gov. Brown who had a brain AND a heart and spirit.
Feb 13th, 2012
Someone from Woodbridge, VA signed.
Feb 12th, 2012
Someone from Saint Petersburg, FL signed.

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