Butte county's Corrupted CPS system and Detaining worker Natasha Chronister

I have had a open case with my oldest daughter my 4 younger kids never was taken out of the home. After fighting for months to prove that I'm not a drug addict and finally one that little bit a piece of my case Natasha was furious the investigating worker that has been trying to get my 4younger kids removed since the end of February 2021. She seceded days ago stating my son's daycare reported a "huge bruise" on his lower back on the 18th she showed up to his school and I rushed down there to be told they are going to detain all my kids. I asked to see the bruise or the pictures she took of it. She states "it's not there anymore" my son is delayed because his birth complications and being a preemie, this is documented and I have all the far northern paperwork to back that up. He's 3 and the end of last year he finally (in a way) started speaking more but definitely not at his age level. She stated my son said "micheal beats me with a belt" my boyfriend and my mom just sits and watches?! My son does NOT speak like that much less even know how to explain a situation. And he loves Michael more then anything. I know he was coached into saying that in other words she has said it and my son will repeat (something he does do) you could tell him the sky is purple and he'll go on and on about it. My 3 year old, 4 year old, 11,12 all where taken 8/18/22 and still texting me asking to come home and how much longer. My kids are happy, healthy and love their momma clearly. Also Natasha Chronister stated that a black eye on both my two oldest has been reported by (my 11 year old son's school last week) yet school didn't start until this last Tuesday.. and my case worker Zoe Lee seen that shylynn with a mark by her weeks prior to this, and they did talk and she told him what happened. My oldest was cleaning under his bed and chucked a toy out at the same time she was bending down to help him and the toy got her. This was almost a month ago. I called both my kids schools and no reports where made through them and coincidentally Natasha Chronister has already called down to both schools telling them not to give me any kind of information nor any incident reports that I request which is completely against the law. Natasha Chronister and Zoe Lee lied to the judge about dirty drug test that my appointed attorney proved to be false, lied about missing classes when also was proved false even the DAfoe child welfare David W. Kennedy stood up stating I missed drug test and failed multiple times. All flase with proof from my attorney. I have recordings of phone calls of them saying these lies and also of the schools telling me they were advised by CPS not to give me anything I request to prove my innocence. Also my 11 and 12 year old are both seen by the court as native Americans which took 3 months in itself but none of the regulations and strict guidelines were followed when they were detained the tribe was supposed to be contacted within 24 hours and still yet has been done.