Ban the Use of ADHD Drugs in Children Until Their Dangers Can Be Investigated

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We ask the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate and the President to support a ban, or at least a drastic limit, on the use of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) stimulant type drugs for teens and children under the age of 18 until the dangerous consequences of their use can be scientifically disproven.

We believe there are serious issues related to the administration of amphetamine type drugs such as methylphenidate (trade names Concerta, Methylin, Ritalin, Equasym XL), Dexedrine, Cylert and Adderall, which are used to treat children diagnosed with ADHD.

Due to the promotion and marketing of ADHD and ADHD drugs directly to the public and medical community by the pharmaceutical industry, ADHD has become the most commonly diagnosed, and potentially misdiagnosed, mental disorder among children in the United States and the numbers are increasing. According to the Center for Disease Control by 2011, 6.5 million children were diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S. and of those diagnosed, 3.5 million were being prescribed medications, which was an increase from 4.4 million children diagnosed with ADHD and 2.5. million children medicated for ADHD in 2003.

1) These stimulant drugs are mostly prescribed for (ADHD) and other childhood "disorders" and are "Schedule II" drugs, meaning they have the same potential for abuse as morphine, opium and cocaine. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reports that studies show that Ritalin is more potent than cocaine and affects the brain in the same way as cocaine does.

2) Concerns have been raised that long-term therapy of these types of drugs can cause drug dependence, psychosis (mania), depression, insomnia, agitation, social withdrawal, stunted growth, heart irregularities and sometimes even death. It is unacceptable that drugs with such potentially damaging side effects are allowed to be given to children.

3) There are no objective medical tests for ADHD, and the screenings and diagnosis for these drugs are subjective and are open to misdiagnosis. Therefore, we believe that multitudes of normal, spirited children with no mental condition are being placed on these drugs.

4) The real long-term effects of these medications, both physical and psychological, on children have not been fully examined and publicized.

Therefore, we ask the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate and the President to conduct a full investigation on the extent of these medications? effects on children and we urge you to ban the use of these medications for children until conclusive scientific evidence determines their safety.
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Mar 16th, 2015
Someone from Tujunga, CA signed.
Mar 11th, 2015
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Mar 8th, 2015
Someone from San Carlos, CA writes:
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Children have the right to high energy!
Mar 8th, 2015
Someone from Santa Cruz, CA writes:
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I was forced to take Ritalin as a kid and because of that I now find my elf always unconsciously grinding or clicking my teeth. I am almost 27 now, pursuing my master's degree and I KNOW this is a result of the amphetamines which I now avidly avoid. These drugs are NOT good for kids!
Mar 8th, 2015
Someone from Santa Cruz, CA writes:
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It's really cool that the DSM board is captured by pharmaceutical companies. worthless humans.. who chose money over the livelihoods of millions of children.
Jan 27th, 2015
Someone from Grand Rapids, MI signed.
Jan 24th, 2015
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Dec 31st, 2014
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Dec 30th, 2014
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Dec 29th, 2014
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Dec 26th, 2014
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Dec 15th, 2014
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Dec 10th, 2014
Someone from Deland, FL writes:
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PLEASE stop these drug companies from medicating our children who only care about the money they are making. It is only putting a Band-Aid on a symptom and not getting to the root of the problem.
Dec 9th, 2014
Someone from Avon, IN signed.
Dec 8th, 2014
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Dec 7th, 2014
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Dec 2nd, 2014
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Nov 28th, 2014
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Nov 26th, 2014
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Nov 24th, 2014
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Nov 24th, 2014
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Nov 17th, 2014
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Nov 14th, 2014
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Nov 14th, 2014
Someone from Dora, AL writes:
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It sure is easy to label the symptoms of a child's behavior as ADHD related and write a prescription to "calm" (quieten) the child. But when your child is old enough to talk, and confides in you that he (she) has been abused (for years) and is scared and you're the only one they trust, there's this feeling of helplessness. Furthermore, through research, you find that the behavioral symptoms are almost identical for ADHD and Child Abuse/Neglect, it's extremely hard to convince certain people to revisit the child's history and see what is plain as day to a parent (well, at least one parent). My child's entire future has been affected due to bad choices and cover-ups made by the people he is supposed to trust. I'll keep on fighting the good fight. And I'll ask for mercy on them, because their deeds will not go unpunished. Every man (or woman) reaps what he sows.
Nov 4th, 2014
Someone from Warrington, PA writes:
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It's alarming how many parents including myself are being told their child has ADD/ADHD. I refuse to accept this and these medications are dangerous.
Nov 3rd, 2014
Someone from Westport, CA signed.
Oct 15th, 2014
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Sep 20th, 2014
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Aug 30th, 2014
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Aug 18th, 2014
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Aug 12th, 2014
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Aug 3rd, 2014
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Jul 29th, 2014
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Jul 28th, 2014
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Jul 27th, 2014
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Jul 27th, 2014
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Jul 27th, 2014
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Jul 12th, 2014
Someone from Caliente, NV writes:
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Pumping kids full of pharmaceuticals instead of teaching them manners and values isn't just harmful now, but it sets them up to believe that that the answer comes in the form of substance instead action and work. Its a shame.
Jul 11th, 2014
Someone from Lakewood, CA signed.
Jul 6th, 2014
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