Anne M. Bradley, Pro Se

Forego Election 2020

Petition to Forego Election 2020
Stipulated that VP Pence
has replaced Donald Trump as US President
Preliminary References
#DumpTrump and #NoBiden - they sit in the same tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g..#Bromance with #Obama #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJune2020 - This letter is filled with lies! We DEFEND; we cannot ATTACK! @mediamonarchy @joeimbriano777 – Tweet by this writer’s twitter account, @BaiAnNa2014
Film Series on Amazon Prime Kindle: Inside Hitler’s Killing Machine
Film on Amazon Prime Kindle: Last Secrets Of The Third Reich
Video: “Joe Biden’s Top Ten Moments As Vice President” – these are the words of Joe Biden, no one else:
1. Swearing in new members of US Senate
2. When he reminded President Obama that the Affordable Care Act was a big f*cking deal
3. When he changed the lives of every same-sex couple in America and supported their right to marry on Meet The Press.
4. Embracing his inner child at the Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash.
5. That time he confirmed the bromance was real.
6. Wearing his famous aviators during his entire class day speech at Yale in 2015.
7. He introduced a generation of Americans to the word “malarkey”.
8. That time he confessed his love for ice cream at Jeni’s Splended Ice Cream in Columbus, OH.
9. When POTUS called him his brother.
10. When President Obama SURPRISED Biden with the Presidential Medal of Honor.
Joe Biden II was born in Wilmington, DE on 11/20/1946.
The other candidate for Presidency 2020 is Donald Trump, born 6/14/1946 if the information on Google can be trusted since Trump has people alter information just like Obama did
Joe Biden II tried to run for U.S. President in 1987 but dropped out September 1987. He then ran for President 20 years later in 2007 and dropped out and became Obama’s running mate. Apparently he was needed for “other matters” during those 20 years.
“As he campaigns for president, Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story” – Washington Post 8/29/2019
“Joe Biden’s draft record looks a lot like Donald Trump’s. Do Democrats care?” – Inside Sources; by Michael Graham on 6/9/2019
I can’t breath …..where have we heard that before?
“after he graduated college in the spring of 1968 and became eligible for the draft and – possibly – combat duty in Vietnam, he received a diagnosis that let him avoid military service – asthma”….”Just a few months before President Donald Trump received his now-infamous diagnosis of “bone spurs in the heels” former high school football star Biden got the same 1-Y draft deferment for asthma as a teenager. It was one of five deferments Biden received (the same number as notorious GOP draft dodger Dick Cheney) and allowed him to avoid being drafted at the height of the war. The year 1968 was one of the bloodiest of the Vietnam conflict with 296,406 Americans drafted into military service – the second highest during the war.”
Video: 1969: NOW Insider reveals social engineering & depopulation plan! – 4 hr 13 min on YouTube
We The Undersigned/Endorsers, Petition Congress and Senate to forego Election 2020 for United States President only on the condition that Donald Trump is removed from office according to the Federal Laws of the United States, including Amendments 25-27 covering certain impeachment conditions.
The writer of this petition refers to the petition recently submitted: Remove Trump Now, which is titled “Remove Trump Now” and can be found at #RemoveTrumpNow on Twitter, submitted June 8, 2020; edited on June 9. It would be disasterous for either Donald Trump to continue to be President of the United States or his so-called opponent Joe Biden to become the President of the United States. Neither would even pass an official FBI background check. Many of us realize they are longtime constituents and probably conspirators, including being associated with Jeffrey Epstein on a personal and Satanic basis, making visits to his island, also known as: Little St. James Island”. Note, Scotland’s King James had the Christian Bible fully rewritten in the King James Version. He belonged to the Order of the Scottish Right. He was a known Satanist. The writer of this petition considers this underlying circumstance very serious to consider, as would professional criminal profilers.
1. Vice President Mike Pence continues to be Donald Trump’s running mate for 2020.
a. Trump threatened to arrest VP Pence for pedophilia after VP Pence respectfully voiced his opinion that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was not properly confronted by Trump in a discussion with any grievances (which most likely would be false since Mike Pompeo needed emergency immunity because the USMC bombed his CIA opium factories in Afghanistan and also raided his CIA offices since Pompeo wasn’t doing his job to remove them himself. Ironically, this occurred at the same timeframe “someone” created QAnon, which is obviously a CIA psyop. CIA’s office Address in Washington, DC is on Q Street – all refelective of the infamous “Devil’s Chessboard”). VP Pence said sending a tweet that Rex Tillerson was fired when he was out of the country was wrong.
b. Mike Pence is not a pedophile. He is a well-respected leader who made great achievements in Indiana, many of which have been reversed by evil doings since he left office as Governor of Indiana to serve the country in a new capacity. Satanic technocrats abused power and inserted fake news into the internet to help support Donald Trump wants – to frame VP Pence. This took place right after Trump signed an Executive Order on making arrests of pedophiles.
Note, Jeff Sessions requested Trump to provide military support to make arrests of pedophiles. and others (much from taking down Alpha Bay) yet Trump refused the military support. Trump also refused military support to take down the child sex camps in Arizona, so the volunteer group, Veterans On Patrol – Team Pulaski, went down to remove them – many of which were abandoned the same day they arrived due to what was left behind. Someone had tipped them off. Devices to torture and murder children were found, along with bones of children who died as victims. Therefore these child sex camps were there for a very long time and making money for the “Enemy Within” this country.
2. Donald Trump acts on whims and has no doctrine he’s created and upholds, anymore than Obama or Clinton did. This writer reminds those who view this that the Published “Obama Plan” was propaganda to persuade voters and upon comparing that book with the real activities of Obama, it can easily be seen that the book was only a media tool, not promise. Our country’s financial circumstance was so badly bent by Obama that it was nearly breaking. This Coronavirus Scheme, planned in Agenda 201 by Bill Gates, which Trump went along with because that was the Enemy Within’s plan. Coronavirus was a new false flag “financial remedy” – just like the fake Sandy Hook Shooting and numerous other false flags which may or may not have included loss of life – even in the thousands as at Paradise, CA using Boeing Lasers which Trump Purchased five months before the attack and after he erroneously fired Hon. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, and Hon. James Mattis, who was Secretary of Defense and would have apposed the unjustified purchasing. Retired General Mike Flynn, who was NSA was fired first and had death threats and more. The termination was baseless yet the courts dragged it out for a number of years. That was Trump’s advantage in playing Devil’s Chessboard. Retired General John Kelly was erroneously fired as Trump’s Chief of Staff.
3. Vice President Pence is a very transparent leader and has principles he adheres to, which are inconsistent with Trump’s perverted sexual behavior (not known to the public until after the election, which may not have made any difference since both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were funded by George Soros. Soros wrote off hundreds of millions of dollars financing the Trump Tower, as mentioned in the aforesaid Petition, and indeed one of many reasons why Trump fails to show his tax forms, which is a violation of election procedure.) Vice President Pence shows genuine sincerity and remains consistent with who he is and is unaffected by those who may try to convince him to compromise on his principles. He governed Indiana with its economy as priority. They were out of debt and had a surplus; thanks to then-Governor Pence’s talents and intelligence with his administration.
4. Conceivably, Vice President Pence would be working for another four years in the White House if Trump won the election in November 2020. So he’s lined up to continue in the White House.
a. The campaigning came to a halt because of Donald Trump allowing the evil rollout of the fake Coronavirus, aka COVID-19 Agenda (which began in North Carolina (just as the Spanish flu did, which, unlike fake Coronavirus, killed 65 million or more people in the world, blaming Spain because they refused to participate in World War 1.) This Coronavirus Pandemic also disrupted Campaigning, which no doubt was considered a “wild card” for the “ Enemy Within” to use as a matter of convenience. This writer is looking at the black and white of things and claims neither party are able to deliver a successful 2020 campaign, even though they were nominated.
5. Joe Biden is not qualified to be United States President, if this country uses actual standards and practices which are on record. There is much scandal in his life, including family life. What or who caused his first wife’s death and why, for instance. {1972, right after Biden won election as senator for the first time in his career. Though his children were not school age, he did not have his wife go to Washington with him. So where was he when she was distracted and swerved into a tractor trailer, a driver who had nothing to do with this and he passed away in the 80’s – while Joe Biden built lie after lie about the mva, including accusing the tractor trailer driver of being intoxicated. That driver was not even cited for anything yet somehow the investigation was ended even though his wife was obviously distracted by someone. Both she and their 18 month old baby died and his two sons age 2 and 4 were severely injured.} A common satanic practice is to “sacrifice” a spouse, when it is actually a cover for sociopaths to just murder their spouse. This should be investigated well BEFORE Biden even runs for President. This writer has no confidence it was since he was already “part of the club”. The suspicious death of his son Joe Biden III, is another issue. Why would he be running for office if he had a brain tumor? According the reports involving Joe Biden III (which Joe Biden II publically renamed as “Beau” for some weird reason, which was probably a Satanic ritual since it rhymes with BO (Barack Obama), Bowe (Burgdahal, who was also a traitor of USA. Bowe Burgdahl abandoned his post and obviously gave information to the terrorists, who were funded by CIA and killing Americans, inciting war.) And Barack Obama named the poodle he purchased after Bowe Burgdahl abandoned his post “BO”. There are probably more also. Joe Biden III was campaigning for an office while having an undisclosed brain cancer and how long was this planned out? Beau Biden supposedly died of this brain tumor (they flip flopped saying “brain cancer vs brain tumor”) and John Kerry’s daughter married the son of the Iranian administrator in charge of the “Iran Deal”, who became a neurologist specializing in brain tumors. This is only an example of the scandal surrounding Joe Biden II’s life. One more circumstance the writer of this petition will mention is in regard to the Oklahoma City Bombing – known to be caused by CIA operatives who were part of a bigger scandal, including destroying the criminal investigation files on Bill Clinton, which he got Janet Reno to transfer from Washington to Oklahoma City just before the convenient bombing intended to destroy all boxes unopened yet. But one of the bombs did not go off and three boxes remained, though they were confiscated by an official who made three copies to share with other officials since a mass murder just occurred and the main culprit was probably the President of the United States since he allowed it. That man who made the copies as well as the two men who were to get them were all conveniently murdered. Cody (Robert) Snogres, former CIA operative, was asked to be the bomber since he was their best explosive expert. Cody refused and he was beaten so badly that he ended up fighting for his life in ICU for at least a month. This beating disabled him and he was left without a job. He said he would not bomb anything on US soil. That CIA worked on foreign issues, not domestic. The writer of this petition has a blogpost titled “Robert Snogres”, which she fully transcribed a three hour interview with Cody. Hopefully by sharing this blog on this Petition, the Senate Judiciary or other Senators or Congressmen will not have her blog shut down again as a means of control and cover-up, not honor. The former name of the blog was yet Google stole this writer’s paid domain to conspire with the Senate Judiciary – a typical standard of practice by the Connecticut Senators. The blog now is
Joe Biden then created an antiterrorism law, which was fortunately not passed, since Americans bombed the Murrow building in OK City. It is a well-known fact that President G.W. Bush allowed Americans to attack the USA and mass murder thousands of airplane passengers and occupants and bystanders of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001. It was Joe Biden’s Antiterrorism Act from 1995 that reintroduced to the Senate Floor rather than discovering who REALLY caused the September 11 attack! This reflects a criminal strategy AGAINST the People of the United States.
6. The writer of this petition strongly claims that neither Joe Biden or Donald Trump would pass an official FBI background check, unless the FBI has lowered its standards dramatically. Yet Mike Pence would.
7. Whatever personal costs which Joe Biden has incurred in running for President should be considered for compensation if Mr. Biden passes an official FBI background check, including a thorough investigation of the 1972 motor vehicle crash which killed his wife and baby daughter and Joe Biden did not take time off for grieving their deaths and even though his two sons were seriously injured and hospitalized. He was sworn in to office less than a month after this horrible event, rather than request time off – he went full speed ahead.
8. We will have four years of opportunity to Fix This Nation with Mike Pence as President. He should be allowed to create his own cabinet and other selections of personnel. He will not be administering as Trump’s political shadow. He will not be wasting money or abusing power. He will not be attacking foreign nations to incite war, like Trump has been doing – including murdering Iran’s General Solemeni and obviously allowing Mike Pompeo to murder China’s Ambassador Du Wei. Mike Pence will select proper counsels and get the job done as a patriot of this nation, not as a traitor. A Vice President is expected to be qualified for President. Trump appointed many qualified in his cabinet with some exceptions. Trump erroneously fired the most qualified and retained the exceptions – even Rex Tillerson, who made more money as Exxon’s CEO, yet Trump pleaded with him to be his Secretary of State and most likely he hand-picked the other retired generals, all of whom he fired. This indeed is a Modus Operandi. Jeff Sessions was erroneously threatened to be fired. Hon. Sessions went on Trump’s campaign, not being paid, and wrote Trump’s political agenda, shared to the public, assuring people he would fix the nation. Trump deviated from that agenda and erroneously threatened to fire Jeff Sessions after Hon. Sessions made history by joining forces and taking down the largest world crime crime ring ever – Alpha Bay, which had at least 61,000 separate store fronts on its website in the Deep Web – which could be accessed because of Edward Snowden leaking out the way to access it. China refused to allow Snowden in their country, yet he boldly traveled there, obviously expecting to meet with the crooked officials which Clintons and Obamas conspired with. Yet Xi Jin Ping was President. His administration is not putting up with the corruption. The Chinese White Knights warned Illuminati members if they don’t disband and dissolve their cult and its practices, they will be destroyed. The writer of this petition considers them heroes, for stepping in when this country needs it because the government is overall UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Hon. Mike Pence forged successfully in making Indiana a state which was running self-sufficiently and thereby kept the crime rate down. He’s the President we need now. An election in November 2020 will waste money, be rigged as it always is – and just like in 2016, the 2 candidates are longtime collaborators. They are following Hitler’s Agenda, not the US Constitution. Not the Federalist Papers. Not the Amendments.
9. Operation Hitler
It is this writer’s claim that Donald Trump and several others connected with the U.S. Government have aligned themselves with a viscious Satanic Underground, which he has obviously been a part of decades. Source: Ascent of Evil – The Story of MeinKampf (film)
A. Protesting/Violent Demonstrations/Propaganda
Community Organizer

(1) Hitler interrupted a meeting of a Bavarian Governor. He fired a pistol and made a speech. 16 people ended up being killed from this disruption. Hitler was arrested for treason. Yet Hitler got away with this having only 8 or 9 months in a hotel which they called a prison. He wore his regular clothes and his conspirators worked right with him. Mein Kampf was written by his propagandist Girble, not Hitler. The ones who typed it out were Obviously Hitler and his administration were all liars.
(1). Donald Trump is allowing such violent behavior go on in the streets of the USA, just as Barack Obama did. It is a political tool to weaken society. Deaths are considered Satanic sacrifices. The End Justifies The Means. There is no fairness, no justice, if they can help it.
(b) Hitler shot people on the spot if they were suspected of treason despite the fact he just got a “slap on the hand” for what he did, which resulted in 16 deaths.
(c) Just like Obama, Donald Trump relies on Mass Media, the internet, books, and social engineering to control the public as he conspires with agendas, currently Agenda 201 was rolled out as a Cornavirus Pandemic, based all on lies. Numerous sources are conveying to the public that it is fake and though the United States had plenty of opportunity to at the least challenge it, Trump did nothing of the sort BECAUSE IT WAS PLANNED BY AN UNDERGROUND TO TAKE OVER OF THE WORLD. This is the Devil’s Chessboard working; not the U.S. Constitution!
(2) The CIA is not being held accountable for all the crimes they have committed. They bombed Oklahoma City’s Murrow Building, not terrorists and Joe Biden fully was aware of this. Obama was a CIA agent and no doubt remains in allegiance to the CIA as the Bushes and the Clintons have. One source this writer can offer for this petition is her blogpost titled Robert Snogres. It is a transcript of a three-hour interview. He did most of the talking.
(3) Hitler’s party collapsed the economy. All citizens were desperate to recover. Hitler promised this in the 1930’s with deception. Once he became the Chancellor, he was able to cause a fake need for Marshal Law, “The War Against the Jews”.
(a). The USA economy is immensely damaged by the Coronavirus fake Pandemic. Those who conspired it don’t care because they are billionaires and even trillionaires, the Rothschild Empire. Vice President Pence is not part of their group.
(b) Roosevelt created a similar circumstance with a War Against Japanese. Placing them in camps, yet could not be so evil as Hitler simply because he would not get away with it.
(c) FEMA camps were rolled out by Bush after he took part in attacking the USA with September 11.

(4) Political Motivations result in criminal activity to persuade the public, using deliberate deception.
(a) Trump is supporting the fakes, such as Paul Howard, who is at the end of his term and wants some kind of “hero” image to get re-elected in Georgia; covering up the truth of the completely out of the ordinary situation of a police officer shooting Raychard Brooks, which is an event which occurred shortly after the George Floyd incident in Minnesota. The covering up of a social engineering plan is typical and made based on Pay-to-Play or other deals such as “I can assure you will win the election; after all, George Soros and I are longtime buddies and he owns the machines”
(5) Creation of Civil Unrest – inciting violence to control the Law Enforcement. Hitler was able to have his SS to replace the SA police and they became the Holocaust Machine that he wanted, mass murdering millions.

(6) Hitler changed parties, then destroyed both parties and issued Marshal Law to be the Supreme Leader. Anyone who even seemed like they would not obey him would be shot or tortured and murdered in some other way.
(a) These strategies are also being used on the United States and Trump continues to do this as this secret underground tells him. This is a very dangerous, deceptive dynamic for the people of the USA and one which needs to be stopped now. By Removing Trump immediately, this will be a great achievement in putting this government in the right direction. The underground Satanists have no regard for others. Their narcissistic behavior is deeply embedded, usually they have grown up with this and many are transgendered like pets are spayed and neutered -- to get them to be obedient.
Trump was a Democrat in 2008 when Joseph Biden ran for President and became Obama’s running mate.
2. Media is Propaganda
(a) Hitler relied on media to first convince the public they could trust him because he would make Germany Great – after he became chancellor he collapsed the economy and began his mass murdering of a total of 11 million people – 6 million of whom were Jews. Mein Kampf was typed by two others while Hitler was in prison. And Girble, his propagandist, wrote it. Hitler was a bafoon in his own “Reicht”!
(a) Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Bush – all relied on media to fool the public and they flipflopped when necessary to trick the public. Their instability on truth is a FACT. Operation Mockingbird was instilled to somehow justify propaganda yet it only proved that Washington, DC cared little if anything about adhering to the US Constitution.
3. Hitler belonged to Satanic cults just as our Presidents have and do. Trump is a longtime Satanist. Mike Pence has already proven his morals are very similar to those of devout religious – Christians, Muslims, Hindu – because that is just how he is and he is transparent about this. He will not speak to a woman alone in an office other than his wife, for instance. On the contrary, Trump has suspcicous and unhealthy relationships and enjoys cult behavior right in plain sight.
4. The End Justifies the Means. Both Hitler and Trump have broken military laws as well as violated the country’s constitution, and to justify the crimes, they lie. This sociopathic belief, as stated, is what makes/made them good liars – to a point. And that point is now.
5. Tax Evasion. Hitler never paid taxes and it was determined he owed millions in the 1940’s. Trump has been repeatedly put in the hot seat about what he pays for taxes and he fails to answer and refuses to disclose his tax returns – both personal and business. He has repeatedly claimed he only filed bankruptcy two or three times, yet this writer went to the Bridgeport, CT bankruptcy courthouse and found 13 cases alone in Connecticut, where he filed bankruptcy. He filed bankruptcy in NY and NJ and most like FL and other states. Trump fails to answer and refuses to disclose his financial information, which is a typical requirement of Presidential Candidates.
6. Horrible Commander In Chief. Hitler fired anyone who he thought looked like a threat and so does Trump. He also strategically hired staff who he later fired or had charged with treason (which for THEM was the death penalty even though he got 9 months in a hotel which the German Dept of Corrections claimed was a prison) Trump attempted to charge VP Pence with pedophilia, and fired several of his best administrators, as already discussed in this Petition. Hitler murdered military leaders with no excuse. Trump murdered Iran’s General Soleimani and lied about why. He claimed General Soleimani was a mass murderer, yet the NSA did not have him listed as a terrorist. He claimed his military organizations were terrorists. Yet he failed to “rig” all records to cover his lies. Trump bombed Iraq after Iraq’s President sent his bombers to bomb the ISIS Headquarters in Syria, which President Assad said were not welcome there. Trump had just bombed Syria 59 times, killing civilians – and did not target ISIS Headquarters. Trump sought an evil revenge on the President of Iraq, Salim Bassam, after he destroyed CIA-funded ISIS headquarters, and bombed Iraq. Trump lied about bombing Iraq because he was looking for Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, leader of ISIS – yet he claimed recently that General Soleimani was the worst terrorist in the world. These are outright lies. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was killed by US-led forces and when anti-terrorism expert Dr. Seb Gorka tweeted this, Barack Obama had him fired as an anti-terrorism trainer for FBI and high ranking military. Something horrible was done to Dr. Gorka as well. His demeanor was completely different. They probably extort him frequently, issue death threats frequently, and may have even murdered people close to him.
8. Cover-up of September 11, 2001, and Paradise, CA (to name a few) and similarly Hitler covered up his mass murdering. Due to stronger methods of mind control and ability to distract the public with false flag events, etc. September 11 was easier for Bush to cover up for a while – yet now it is common knowledge that Americans murdered Americans and Washington DC is in such a depraved state, they mainly go along with it – for money, for power, for duty to office in a few circumstances. Thousands of people were burned alive to ashes at Paradise, CA. The testimonies of witnesses were constant on YouTube; and their videos were taken down by Google.
9. There are many more aligning tactics, of which military and socio-political experts could define and explain much better than this writer. Trump’s attempts at creating “dirty politics” like Bush, Clinton, and Obama has greatly weakened because foreign countries have removed many or all of the “players” of this Devil’s Chessboard which the Satanic Underground created. Trump is enjoying use of force – attacking rather than defending, thus corrupting foreign relations, using deceitful reasons that re not even logical, let alone legitimate!
This writer contends that the United States is on its last leg and needs to recover before the onset of war is more than imminent as it is now, it will be reality. No doubt Iran, China and Russia will be allies and this writer claims even more countries will ally with them – the United States would be destroyed. This writer recalls President Putin claiming that if North Korea, which Trump was actually making strange Satanic alliances with, dared to attack the USA, they would disappear – that is how fast and rigorous Russia would be to defend a country which failed to help Russia fight Hitler. Trump and his conspirators need to be taken out of society, particularly out of Washington, DC. They have been trying to create a NAZI party for many years and their sociopathic cult belief system is not only unwanted in the United States, it is Unconstitutional and indeed Crime Against Humanity. Our hope rests in an administration that is transparent with conduct which is aligned with the Codes of Military Conduct which have been tried, tested, proven, and which aligns with Civilian Codes of Conduct as well as the Doctrines of the devoted leaders of past and present, such as Hon. Colin Powell- who developed a clear transparency by documenting his knowledge and expectations which were concurred with by those of equally-high intelligence.
Prepared and submitted,
Anne M. Bradley
PO Box 206514
New Haven, CT 06520

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