american citisens that gets attacked by default of goverment

I have lived in America my whole life ive been attacked by government officials based on religion, ethnicity, charateristics, and a lethargy life style,ive been manipulated by government officals im being held accountable for freedom of speech and mistakes make out of terror , ive been plaged and invaded by my own government and im only one person ive been more than cooperative in my efforts for justice the constitution/ and ammendments have ben broken/ the privacy act, ive reached out to every agencies that I could to prove ive been a victim of this attack and a mentally challenged persons I feel the government has failed to protect my rights and wish to beheld to the courts as national citizen under accordance of the U.S ammendents rather then state governments who have failed and proven to destruct me as a person.Me as a person of this country I should be able to protect myself against faulted government acts with out rights being token away and exploited and made to look like /or put in a terrorist position and frame because of a disagreement made amongst people who only speak thru motor radio just enough to drive you insaine and misunderstand on purpose ,im a lower class citizen who has no protection against these people and ive been a victim, all a government agent they should no right from wrong and im one person against America and im going retarted trying to defend my rights and my family,these people can break the law also there subject to follow laws also how does there declaration get stand more firm then mine when its been proven that they lied

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