Aid Returned, Now Student Debt

University of Phoenix (UOP) is trying to make me pay a debt for courses I took in Spring semester of 2018 after they returned a portion of my financial aid in June of 2018 that the school received in March. I do not owe this balance to UOP and it was stated to me by several financial advisors. The supposedly did an exit review of my account from June to September. I was told in August that it was completed and all my classes were paid in full. Then in September I received another refund since I did not take the last course in that semester. Today I received an email stating that I owed a balance because a portion of my aid was sent back to my lender. Confirmed with my lender a date in June. This has happened before to me. This school is refusing to make it right. Please other students and myself. I was not aware that the money was sent back in June until today. I complete all courses for the semester except one but the last course I took started in May and ended to or three days before my loan funding was returned to my lender. Please investigate and provide resolution!

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