Stop Using Facebook

I want Congress to make Facebook Pay for the damages they have caused the American people.

Facebook should close its doors for good. I have been banned indefinitely for posting the truth on Facebook about Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is allowing pedophilia and animal abuse on the site. The company allows pictures and videos of child pornography, child abuse, child endangerment, and adults are even having sex with children on the platform. Children are often bound and gagged in the videos to make sure the adults take advantage of the kids' innocence. Pedophiles are even looking for children on the site. To make matters worse, Zuckerberg is creating "Facebook for Kids". This way, Zuckerberg and the gang can steal kids personal and private information and pedophiles are more freely able to talk to children without the parents/guardians knowing about it, because it will be branded as "Facebook for Kids. Scary, isn't it? Also, there are pictures and videos of animals being abused and tortured. Dogs are being tied up, some killed(guns are being pointed at dogs in the picture or video), and some are left for dead, and again, the jerk is ALLOWING THIS!.

Mark Zuckerberg obviously does not care about people or animals. Facebook does not want to take the pictures down.

I stopped using facebook a long time ago. Why?
1. I kept getting knocked off for absolutely no reason.
2. If people do not comply with what Mark Zuckerberg believes in, they get kicked off Facebook PERMANENTLY!
3. I found out that Mark Zuckerberg likes little boys.
4. There were a bunch of pedophiles on facebook(I assume there still are).
5. Mark Zuckerberg was a member of NAMBLA(North American Man/Boy Love Association).
6. He and the “team” are exploiting young, innocent children for sex, so they can keep Facebook going!
7. They allow chat groups/photos/videos of children being abused.
8. They allow photos of animal abuse and photos of dead animals on the platform.

I don’t want to get TOO graphic about all of this! Sorry!!

I URGE YOU TO QUIT FACEBOOK, ASAP! Protect your family and your pets. You CAN NOT replace them.