Impeach Pelosi

Pelosi must be held accountable for the murder of Ashley Babbitt. Mrs Pelosi has caused much headaches for most GOP that represent the America most of us believe in. The 1776 America is the America I believe in. The First Amendment. The Second Amendment and so on. Ms Pelosi and most of her democrat partners serve a Soros run communist like agenda. It is really sad. Years ago the Democrats were much like the GOP. They both agreed on many political things. As it seems today. The modern Democratic Party can do what it wants without any feedback or accountability whatsoever. From removal of monuments, censoring conservative speech. It is complete insanity and disregard for The American Constitution way of life. Since the Obama days and now Biden Regime have gas prices gone up, anarchy is now lawful in most states, the elections everyone agrees are rigged, Trump won! It is a disgrace his far the Democratic party continues to evade accountability and the rule of law. As a person that once tried for state politics. It seems politics has been sold out to foreign powers like China and Russia. The FBI is no longer honest and reliable. And the Department of Justice has become a political weapon against GOP conservatives.

The only solution is to bring America back to God. To end illegal immigration for violent gangs and foreign terrorists that both Obama and Biden Administration support. Eliminate abortion clinics, arrest Congressional officials, state and local officials that force lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Eliminate the Department of Education which like the EPA is a waste of tax payer monies. Go back to using coal plants and other natural resources that Climate Change activists lie about. Climate Change is political weapon to control countries and resources.

It is time to reduce agencies that are useless and a burden to tax payers like the IRS and may be unconstitutional monopolies. The courts also do not bring justice and have become political arenas. I agree with Jindal of Nevada years ago saying to " eliminate the courts". Jails are also a tax burden. Jail should be for violent people.

There is a lot America needs to get back to being limited government. Not a monopoly as it has become today.