The New Beginning [VOYAGER EVOLUTION] =x/.\x= {Hulcules}


I have a lot of wonderful things to share with the WORLD in this content but it is your legal obligation to be responsible and respectful... This content is subject to change which is being reworked for a better outcome but some content of this document is very important to understand immediately and is not on the latest documents yet. This is not the latest work, just important to understand...


I am thinking that you might be able to use the gear concept that {@purepowerengine} and {@RollsRoyce} engineered for the turbofan on the compressor instead for another type of engine.

I am thinking that it would reduce the RPM of the compressor and increase the RPM of the turbofan.

I am thinking that the gear on the turbofan would be like riding your bike in 1st gear and the gear on the compressor would give you a better top speed/max thrust but you would have to have a larger compressor making resulting in it being a heavier engine.

I think that the geared turbofan concept is genius but I think that it would be best on smaller aircraft and/or my "NEW (V-TOL) SPORT JET CONCEPT" that is described in {(#)VE_A2}.

I do realize that the gear is best on the turbofan in regards to achieving aircraft efficiency because it will reduce the size of the compressor resulting in lighter engines though but for large aircraft and my medical (V-TOL) flight care concept that I describe in {(#)VE_A3}, my idea might be the more convenient one.

I do want to see subsonic sport jets that are made out of composite materials like the Boeing 787 with (V-TOL) capabilities for private pilots.

I think the geared turbofan concept would be best to power this sport jet concept.

It should be able to reduce the temperature of the thrust preventing landing pads from exceeding high temperatures that result in the concrete exploding or damaging.


I was thinking that we could achieve medical (V-TOL) flight-care by making a jet that has a 2 seat cockpit for the pilot & co-pilot but the entire cockpit would have to open up like the "Guppy" so the medical crew and person needing medical attention could enter the aircraft.

I was also thinking that every state could have the flight care facilities/hangars in the center of them for the quickest response time possible anywhere within the state.

Maybe every hospital could have a landing area with a pad with lights on them for thermal imaging cameras to see in any visibility and/or even deployable pads that get set up at the scene.

I was thinking that we could achieve a more secure way to get our electrical energy by using induction burner concepts to heat water to steam generate the energy to power the burner and the house, business, ect…

Every location could have this generator at them in a safe utility shed or rooftop, ect…

You would have to jump start it with an external generator until it steams enough to power itself and some.

Then you can unhook the jumper generator or just use a battery.

It would have to have water input to replace the water getting used by turning it into a gas.

You could use electrical appliances, pump water and charge your electric cars for free if it works other than the cost of purchase and maintenance.

Also, the grid is out dated and costs a lot to maintain as well as the vulnerability of large power losses that are caused by weather or warfare.

Once the grid starts needing desperate repairs because of the outdated materials, the utility would cost a lot more/month to cover the cost and this idea might be able to secure us before that time comes.

If we all have the generators though, we could be very efficient and we could set up local street lights, ect… off of the local businesses and buildings.

The service provider would be able to maintain generators and make money selling them.

Also, we wouldn’t need solar/windmill technology on earth as much but they might be needed in some countries.

If you have all electric vehicles, appliances and it don’t cost to make the electricity other than the generator cost and maintenance, it would put all of the money back in peoples pockets each month resulting in less financial government needs for assistance.

If we upgrade and just make electric cars, we would be less pollutant at the ground.

Just a thought but I don't have time to figure it out and I definitely don't have the money to invest into the engineering.

If you are looking to start a corporation or a business it is important to understand what is in demand.

You don't want to invest your money into an idea that don't make you your money.

Restaurants for example are a very easy business to start.

After you invest your money into your first location, immediately allow a partnership through a contract.

If you are the corporate, the partnership is going to be a buy-in price to cover your investment so you don't have loans over your head to grow.

If they pay the investment price, the real-estate is valued more than the investment and they are only buying into the profit share.

As a corporate, you can set the terms of the agreement so that the investor/partner is obligated to run the business to the corporate standards.

I think it would be fair to allow the partner 80% of the profits and 20% with the value of real-estate would be the corporations.

This would be convenient for both because the partner is going to make it possible to put more locations on the ground in a hurry and you could have 20% from many locations.

You will still prosper.

The goal is to allow a functional way to retire an investor while they make sure the management runs the business appropriately.

Each investor will make their money and they could start their own corporation the same way.

The point is, the corporation would be huge and free because of the partner's investments and the partner will make their money back.

You could use the documents that prove sales to sell the partnership.

The contracts could be handed down so that families will always have that financial stability and if you have the income coming in because of success, you could allow a percent (5-10%) to your children and they will have the money in the bank for the same reasons or for the financial stability by time they are 18 years old.

You could set it up for anyone really.

I feel that we could get the unemployment rate down and get the economy on track.

If people were more about creating an opportunity for someone else as well, we wouldn't need so much money going to people for assistance programs either.

Families would be able to secure their whole family and this idea could make it possible to reduce the spending cost of tax payers money.

The goal is to make sure everyone prospers and it wouldn't be hard to do.

Corporate may have to wait longer for their profits to amount the partners but you will own more real-estate and the 20% from each location is still going to be more than the partners.

It will just take a little while longer.

This is a solid plan and I am very confident that the world would be able to get their economies boosted with this information.

REMEMBER - There are culinary professionals that can help with coming up with menu's or to be the chef for the restaurant.

I don't think that it would be a problem to set up every public school with a security room like how the jails in America are set up that allow only officers to enter.

They could monitor the property, hallways and every classroom from the security area using camera's.

The security would see if assaults happen by teachers, students or outside individuals and if there are potential threats/dangers to the students.

They would be quick responding to intervene.

It is not necessary to allow guns on the teachers or security persons body at any time other than when the security leaves their security station to intervene if necessary because students could group together to disarm a security or teacher and then there would be a danger/threat to the students/staff or anyone on the property.

All guns would be locked in the security room with officers at all times and officers must be allowed in by an inside security officer.

4 officers during the day and 2 at night should be enough and they could be officers that are military soldiers.

That would give them appropriate training and it would put them in an emergency position that needs filled immediately.

Guns will not be removed from citizens.

All guns that use gun powder to fire must be registered at local Sheriff's Departments and persons under 18 years old cannot own one or use them without the registered person monitoring at all times.

There will not be borrowing of guns!

All guns that are registered must be locked up or locked out while not in use. The registered person is responsible for the gun!

The point is, criminals have illegal guns and citizens should be allowed to protect the communities if needed to be.

Anyone that is caught without a registered gun to them or not in the limitations of law should be prosecuted.

I understand that there is sport in shooting guns and people don't need to hunt for food. It is a crime. It is cruelty to animals. They have feelings and show affection towards others. EAT FISH!

Excuse the law abiding citizens and start here.

Bring troops back into the jurisdiction of the U.S. to fill the school security positions and the law enforcement positions.

If more people are needed, there are reserves to pull from if they are interested in local employment and the security officers in the schools are federal officers.

Also, boots would be on the ground if ever needed on U.S. soil or anywhere on the planet.

It wouldn't hurt for every country to intervene before it is an issue and hopefully it will never be.


There is NO danger or risk of harm for children to gamble.

Winners shouldn't have to pay taxes on a prize.

BUSINESS IDEA- The Native-Americans and partners could set up their community gaming facilities throughout the U.S.

The gaming could be quarter machines, slots and cards.

Alcohol beverages will not be sold there.

You could set up merchandise, restaurants and hotel for travelers to make more money also!

That will give families something to do.

Our children can have their fun in the arcade while parents are playing their games, parents could play arcade with them, children could play slots with their parents or if they understand cards, they could even play that with the adults.

+ If everyone agrees on the {(#)VE_PEACE} "WORLD PEACE TREATY" that I tweeted, you could put BIG STAKES facilities and SMALL STAKE facilities in every country.

SMALL STAKES tables could be in every community in the world.

If you did, everyone would have something to do on the planet.

+ For all of the SMALL STAKES facilities of in the communities of the world, POKER tables could be a $5.00 table fee/$5.00 pot fee and you would need 4 people at the table to play for someone to double up on their money every game. 20 tokens for $5.00 would be fair.

I don't know how slot machines work though but try to make it cheaper for more play time if you can because it is about entertainment.

If there was a ban on alcohol beverages, nicotine products, porn and murderous games, ect., people would have the money to go to the facility and have fun instead.

I assume they would have a great experience.

Also, those industries would have the investments to help get the facilities on the ground and so would big corporations.

See, {(#)VE_BUSINESS}.

Figure out a way to make it possible by teaming up and getting it everywhere!

The facilities would need security also so, reserved federal officer's could fill the positions.

They could have similar security rooms as the schools {(#)VE_SECURITY}.

Children will be there and it will be the communities gathering place.

It needs security!

Construction materials would be in demand so if you need more plants for making bricks or whatever, people are going to need jobs.

Mass produce and get every investor possible to get them in every community as soon as possible.

There will be demand for construction workers as well and there will be a demand for slot machines, tables, cards, merchandise, hotel supplies, beds and furniture, restaurant supplies and needs ect...

-NOTE- The federal officers could go right to work in the schools and fill law enforcement positions specified in the {(#)VE_PEACE} post that I posted on my timeline.

The casinos can hire the reserves and anyone that qualifies to be a reserve can be and if there isn't demand for active duty, they can go right into reserves from basic training anyways.

We can always train reserves.

See {(@)VE_PEACE} for understanding. The factories that produce the banned items can convert into the factories that are in demand for production of construction and gaming machines ect...

You could set up jobs for the rescued people living in the rescue tower to get into the community and right to work also.

You'll need housing but a lot of them may have family.

Either way, if they know how to read and write English and basic skills, they can enter the community. See, {(@)VE_IMMIGRATION}.

I shared {(#)VE_BUSINESS} also. Remember, there is a demand for food so, people will need to invest into farmland and putting people to work it.

There will be a demand for farming equipment.


Other countries need all of the content on my timeline to have their understanding of proceeding and they can set up immediately as well.

I took money from areas to provide for other areas and created jobs for the ones losing theirs so we can have a wonderful future with less violence and crimes.

I hope it helps everyone but it will take time to get it all done but properties can be bought and buildings could be in place by the investors and the partner casino owners can put their business in as soon as possible.

If the other countries get the same jobs, they can do it the same way and produce the machines, tables ect...

Then they will have the jobs for their citizens and everyone will make their own production to get it done everywhere.

It would be awesome to see and hopefully everyone in leadership will be mature and responsible enough to agree.

The military production of jets, tanks, ships ect... needs to be at a stop because the money needs to be in the budget right now until people are able to get everything done.

People might end up unemployed for a minute but with the advice I am sharing, jobs will be available soon.

There is need for financial assistance and might be a little more for a minute but the faster things get put back in the factories shutting down, the faster they get back to work.

+ All military weapons and militants will return to their jurisdiction (ownership/homeland) immediately.

+ Military weapon's will not leave their jurisdiction unless it is permitted by all of the governments on the planet.

+ If a military weapon is spotted leaving its jurisdiction, all governments will stand together to intervene.

+ You all have permission to use satellite surveillance over the world to secure your families so you don't have to worry because people will have warning of dangers.

+ Transporting guns needs to be permitted by all governments before leaving jurisdiction of the ownership. (I understand that there are countries that have dangerous animals and needs for law enforcement.)

+ The ocean's are everyone that is bordering its jurisdiction but understand that governments need to stand together. (I understand that there are drugs being transported, pirating and the intervention of warfare reasons.)

+ Unarmed military soldier's may travel outside of their jurisdiction with legal passports.

+ You will all denuclearize and use this agreement to protect each other if intervention is needed. (Production and possession of nuclear weapons will be illegal.)

+ Chemical weapons intended for the pollution of air kills innocent people and is illegal!

You will be able to fill School Security and Law Enforcement positions needed when soldiers return to their country and reserve the rest to save your countries money.

You can pay the reserved for their training hours: 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a summer and they can have specific education online for their duty in case they are ever needed to be active.

They can work normal jobs and spend time with their families/friends and if they want further education, they can pay for it.

If a position opens that needs filled, they can be contacted for active service.

If there are veterans that served and got injured or serve and get injured, they get free medical treatment and compensation.

See {(#)VE_SECURITY} to better understand what I am talking about when I say School Security.

It is an intervention for public school shootings!

I understand that this might not be something every Country could do because of financial but I will be trying to figure everything out to help you.

The School Security will be Federal Officer's and the Law Enforcement will be their regular jurisdiction (City, County and State).

You will all be Earth's Defenders and could all have the same uniforms.

I thought a camo inspired by Earth from space view would be cool but everyone would have their flags for their region and sector (Country and State) on their sleeves with jurisdiction badges still.

Either way, you all need to be the HERO for our children and we all really want the same thing so lets agree on this Peace Treaty!


Maybe a rescue tower in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or even California for them to have emergency housing would be appropriate.

It could have a floor for basic education and a medical floor.

If there is anything else that you can think of, get it done.

The point is, they need to be rescued and I mean, RIGHT NOW!

Also, the government can fund farmland to grow vegetables, herbs and even fund fishing for the food to feed the people in the emergency relief shelter/tower.



There are people living in the deserts without resources that they need.

Food, water, shelter and blankets/clothing. Have you ever slept on the ground?

It gets pretty cold!

They don't have resources! They are in the desert.

Where is water in the desert and how are they suppose to purchase it?

How can you grow food without water?

Where are they suppose to get lumber?

Think about it!

You all have it easy and they don't get to even start a life on Earth!

I am asking Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple to help them specifically and thank you to them for helping around the world and in the natural disaster relief in the U.S. but it is the governments of the world's responsibility to do something about it. U.S., Europe, China, Japan and Russia can set up a relief for those countries.

I mean, get it done immediately!

You can work together to use land to grow vegetables, herbs, rice and even fishing could be a really easy way to feed them and they need shelter materials.

It could be a donation to help them or rescue them right now by providing appropriate housing and resources. Bread could make a huge difference too.

There are countries with children dying because of it!

Also, I know that people in Haiti are in need and I am not sure why they don't have what they need.

I remember church's taking donations to help them in recent years and I want to know how many churches have the documents to show how much they were donating and where did the donations go?

Also, it is not a competition of what country is best so get it through your heads.

We will all stand together on this planet to achieve a future for our children and governments better come to a peace agreement right now!

You will never attack each other ever again!

This is Earth!

You have no business using military against each others families and excuse us all for the history of what has happened.

We are evolved enough on this planet to move forward together and protect our children/families and peers at our homelands from criminals and there better not be any more complications between governments.

Our children on this planet do not deserve it so, pull it together for them!

Aren't you all doing it for the same reason?

Another thing is, I want to know how much money the U.S. borrows from other countries and/or how much money they loan to other countries?

I want to know how much China has borrowed the U.S. and/or how much the U.S. has borrowed China?

If the U.S. owes China and they had prior trade agreements to slowly pay the debts then they don't owe the U.S. and trade agreements were a contract!

It is not necessary to act like everyone owes the U.S. and you can't move forward until you pay your debts.

People in America get foreclosed from their homes without care and concern for families if they can't pay on time all of the time!

We don't get to get loans if we are in debt!

Also, they don't care if the people have children and it is a risk of harm when they could work out simple agreements to help them instead of foreclosure.

Why should the government get to borrow anymore money when they don't even attempt to pay debt?

Stop carelessly spending and lay government people off if you can't afford it.

Some government people don't even do their jobs the way they are suppose to and if they break the law, government people defend them and make court situations unfair.

The governments do not need to continue to production of anymore military weapon's like aircraft, tanks, missiles and ships!

You need to learn how to budget...

Stop fighting with each other and rescue those children/families dying from starvation and lack of water out there!

Be the HERO!

I don't care if people say they are allies because there is no reason for militaries to be out of their home country.

You all need to come to an agreement and stop government warfare between yourselves and lead by example.

This is 2019!

I am thinking that every state could have a rescue shelter that simply helps people that are stuck to find jobs in their state and funding would be needed for them to get into homes in the work locations city/village limits.

Each room could be a small studio apartment style room in the facility.

They could have their own kitchen in them and they could be assisted by the states food assistance program for food.

They would need privacy also, so, they would each need their own restrooms.

The facility would be for housing and the staff would be available for helping with resume's, finding apartments in the work location's city/village limits, hygiene supplies costs, filling out state food assistance applications and peer support.

Peer support simply means, be an understanding person that cares about people and that are open to conversations as a friend to comfort if necessary ect...

These state facilities could be link together so people can move to any state in the nation.

State food assistance programs could be transferred between states and financial assistance for new state identification cards would be needed.

Facilities would have to have a transportation system between facilities nationally and to help transport the resident to the work/home city/village limits in the state they are in.

National job search could be done from every location and they could video interview for jobs.

One government phone could be issued for each single adult/family and mailing addresses could be suite #'s for each room in the facility for housing purposes.

This address could be used for state identification cards as well.

Every country with military needs to pay in $10.00/person/month to the "World Bank" to fund International EMERGENCIES!

There are children/people dying in the world and they need the necessities (FOOD, WATER, SHELTER ECT...) right now.


Also, if there is an International debt financially between countries, the debtor needs to pay $10.00/person/month to the borrower until paid in full by taxation in the debtors country/month.

If the debt is with a bank, $10.00/person/month goes to the bank owed until everyone is out of debt but the debt needs to be payed one day and this is a way to pay towards it until it is paid in full by taxation in the debtors country/month.

Countries that don't have a military get to receive the International Assistance from the "World Bank" and the countries that have a military don't get to borrow anymore.

The "World Bank" serves 1 purpose, International Relief!

The "World Bank" could assist in the country that is getting relief by borrowing their government so they can build up and afford their government jobs.

If they need construction materials, build factories there for what they need so government workers there can get their wages manufacturing what they need.

Make sure raw materials are available so they can establish an economy and build up what they need.

Make sure they make an appropriate wage to afford the food, water and other necessities.

Retail stores would be needed.


It is the lawmakers responsibility to have legal understanding of what is Constitutional and legally allowed.

It is the judges/lawyers responsibility to make sure legislation is legal and also, making sure they are legal about their own actions.

If you are a lawyer/witness in court to illegal activities, you are obligated to report to the legal departments/courts necessary.

If law enforcement is called in regards to court cases and there is evidence or reasons to investigate, it is the law enforcement's duty to investigate and present the report to legal departments/courts (the court involved and court over that court) to further investigate to protect and serve.

There would be a demand for lawyers/investigators!

If proceedures are illegal because of criminal offense, correct them right now.

It is your duties!

It is the federal governments responsibility to set the laws and the states legislators are to over see federal legislation. ALL STATES WILL GOVERN LEGALLY!

All federal governments should have no problem understanding what is appropriate to have international legislation.

REMEMBER - Innocent until proven guilty.

Law Enforcement needs to have video/audio devices on and available for evidence.

All court proceedings need to be recorded with video/audio.

DHHS needs video/audio in visiting rooms, during investigations and conferences/meetings.

When a witness is brought up in court, it should automatically get subpoena for the court to have further understanding.

It is illegal to kill.

I understand if there is no other option but to stop a hostile threat during a self defense engagement but it is illegal to sentence to death.

It is cold hearted murder!

It is illegal to court order people on medications against their will especially if the medications are harmful or a risk of harm.

I understand if people need medications to live longer but if you think that people going through emotional abuses need to take the medications that cause serious side effects like involuntary muscle movements and result in may cause death, you are breaking the law.

In mental health facilities, people have to comply by taking medications or they don't get released until they agree that they work and take them anyways.

If you don't comply, they force you to take them by injection.

Ask yourself, why are people having so many medical issues?

Is it their medications?

I am so offended that the court ordered me on medications while abusing me because instead of stopping the abuse, they think medication will help me through the abuse.

Just because the drugs are getting people high doesn't mean it works.

I am so offended and it is attempt of murder if court ordered.

If the drug is going to take years off your life instead of help you live longer it is illegal.

The court better not be destroying my child's organs because they are abusing her and think medication will help.

Judges are taking our Constitutional rights away and our human rights!

What are these medical facilities trying to do?

Are they purging the country by medications to avoid disability taxations?


I understand if there is an or are allegations of concerns brought to the courts attention and removals for emergency reasons take place but it is the judges job to be the one caring about the children to get understanding of what would be best for the children.

In the case I am trying to get someone to investigate on my "Court" page that I manage, I am going to prove that the court did not meet the needs of my child and only abused us because of assumption and also the caseworkers not being honest.

The judge did not care about my child and from this point on, judges better do their jobs by getting understanding of families and what is best for children.

Why do the courts get to just take your children, put you on the record as a incompetent parents that need every service people want to put you through (which is abusive because if they don't have evidence of reason to make someone do services), make you pay GAL fees ect… (which is ransom if they don't do their jobs carefully and caringly for the children) and proceed without understanding?

I filed everything because caseworkers don't tell the truth and the judge ignored me and abused my child and I severely!

I have witness lists, explanation of everything the judge needed to have understanding and I proved I was fit as a parent but nobody cared.

I need a lawyer to help me put it in the court so I can point at the evidence.

I will allow her to correct herself and regain her competency in her court but the judge shouldn't get to make another decision until we address the case# I am begging for intervention in...

She better start doing her job and reading everything I filed and if she needs understanding of something, ask!

She needs to ADJOURN court until further notices and she does owe my child and I a compensation.

I am trying to forgive her for what she did to my child and I but she don't think having understanding is relevant in court.

She shouldn't get to hurt another person because she isn't understanding how to do her job.


Why should I have to pay taxes for their wages and why should I have to pay a lawyer to get the legal system?

The U.S. government set up a system for Child Protective Services and they are not protecting.

Why is the government allowing the murderous and sex entertainment industry?

Isn't that something that parents try to keep out of their children's view?

I am upset that tax payers are allowing it because it does corrupt children and they do get their hands on those things anyways.

It is the tax payers fault for any abuse that it causes.

Why is there such a huge crime problem in the U.S.?

How many individuals that rape and commit other sex crimes get exposed to sexual acts at a young age?

The government don't allow prostitution in the street but they allow the porn industry.

They are still allowing it to be about selling sex for money. It could be prevented by putting a ban on it anyways.

Even marijuana, alcohol beverages and tobacco/nicotine are a problem.

Our children should get to have a chance in life and those products should be banned.

They are a risk to our children's health and morality.

How many drunk driving deaths or tickets are there in the U.S.?

How many MIP's are ticketed to children consuming alcohol beverages and in possession of cigarettes are there?

Is nicotine a chemical that gets added to cigarettes that addict people?

Isn't that the same as any other drug?

They both sell sex for money.

The U.S. government doesn't allow prostitution but they allow pornography though.

I wonder, would the U.S. government allow prostitution if prostitutes were to 1099 themselves because the porn stars pay taxes for it?

NOTE - Even strip clubs are legal...

CONCLUSION: The U.S. government must not want prostitutes to work under the table, they want them working on the table and they don't want you to forget to pay your pimp or there are consequences!

That makes President Trump the PIMP of the U.S...

SUMMARY: I don't think prostitution, pornography and strip clubs should be legal anyways.

Obviously, you have to pay taxes on your income or it is illegal but the U.S. government shouldn't be allowing and taxing those types of businesses.

President Trump should put a stop to it and intervene.

I understand that cathouses are a support system for people and employee's serve their clients emotionally but they should not be having sex or being nude for pay.

Hanging out laughing and such is fine.

If sex is something they want to do, do it off the clock in private!

It is against Facebook rules and against the law to expose yourself in public view and if you are exposing yourself on here, you are breaking the law and could get a CSC (Criminal Sexual Conduct) charge because of it.

If you send pictures in private, you are still at risk because it could be shared and put in public view.

It is also a risk to sext a picture to someone because someone else could put it on here or in public view.

Other than that, there are minors on Facebook.

You are at risk of being charged for exposing children.

Even exposing yourself and sending it in messenger to someone that isn't wanting to see it is against the law.

I am desperately trying to intervene any further abuses and illegal activity on Facebook.

If you are guilty, go to your activity log, archive and delete your pictures so hopefully they don't stay in public view and it should remove them from messenger as well.

It is important to remember that slander and verbal abuse is illegal too...

{#VE_I8} ----REMOVED----

There will be NO U.S. government worker receiving medical for free other than what was specified in the "WORLD PEACE TREATY" post.

U.S. government workers have the money to pay their insurance and have no business taking money that is needed for things like resolving water crisis in the country.

If people have water issues that need maintained, quit neglecting and abusing the citizens.


Also, you will not neglect and abuse people by giving the U.S. government workers pay raises and bonuses.

What kind of wages do you all get?

If there is a need for money in the budget, reduce your pay!

I understand that people want more wages but you will not neglect our children of their education because of your wants.

You accept your employment knowing your wages.

If you don't want to be a teacher, there are other people that qualify and can fill your position.

There isn't money in the budget to build a larger school to make it less students in the classroom resulting in demands for more teachers to teach them either.

Make it work and do your best with what you have.

It is also parents responsibility to be working with their children in regards to education and they need to do their part but I do understand that there are expenses that parents are obligated to pay and parents don't get to spend their time educating and bonding with their children.

They rely on you and babysitters.

Some parents do need to start spending their time with their children instead of hanging out doing what they want while their children are doing whatever.

Parents will build a better relationship with their children and they will be happier sharing the memories anyways.

Other than that, parents need educated as well.

They are yelling and abusive punishing really young children because the children don't understand right from wrong and need to be re-directed and educated about what the reasons are.

Even if the parent has to get off their butts 100 times in an hour.

PARENTS - You will not spank or hit a child in any way! Start spending time at the park or doing things in the community with them. Play cards or something.

That will teach the little ones matching, math and numbers anyways.

Be the leader in their life. Bond with your children and you'll have the joy and happiness in your life and they will make better decisions in their life as adults.

I understand that there are consequences for breaking rules if they are already educated and older though.

Yelling is just teaching them to yell when they are mad and hitting teaches them to hit when they are mad.

If you are spending time with your children, they won't be getting in trouble would they?

For the teachers that get out of line with the children, you better not be!

Either way, parents need a pay raise to free up their hours to be able to do their part educating too but they can't go on strike and they shouldn't have to work more hours to pay your wages.

I don't mean any offense though, we rely on your help and we do appreciate you so, thank you for getting your education to teach the children and caring for our children.

You make a huge difference in their lives and ours.

How many Native American's are there in the U.S.?

Just saying, everyone else immigrated here so, who do people think they are not giving others the same chance?

I am a German/Irish American, I think. LOL...


As far as President Trump and followers, why do you think it is alright to break contracts internationally when you all know you can't break contracts nationally?

Isn't that a legal contract?

Also, you will not disrespect people around the world because of your incompetence.

I feel that all contracts presented to other countries should be available for review so we can see how appropriate they are and all meetings with other government leaders need to be supervised by the world on television.

There is no more behind close doors and we have our rights to know if people in the government are putting our children, families and peers in danger.

If people are trying to work with the U.S., why are they still getting abused with sanctions?

You will not force people into contracts using abusive strategy.

It is criminal!

You will educate the children that working with the world to achieve wonderful things is the way of life.

President Trump, you owe people an apology and you will not use the military for terrorist acts.

You will not flex our families muscles in any way and you are out of jurisdiction with them.

You will be appropriate and respectful to the people in the world from now on or you are a criminal.

You will not provoke!

You need to get your competency by reviewing the petitions/letters that I sent you and my Facebook profile/pages.

I already told you what needs done and yes you will get to work right now.

If you don't agree, you are fired for neglect and abuse nationally and internationally!

Do you even care about children?

Another thing, you will not disrespect the fantastic four.

Those congresswoman just want wonderful for you, your family, citizen's and the world.

Aren't you trying to build relationships with people?

Maybe you need to listen to understand...

You better think before you speak!


I have seen online that there are talks of storming Area 51.

I just want to warn people that it is a government facility.

You don't just walk into military bases and in certain areas of law enforcement departments without permission and escort.

For safety reasons, you are not allowed.

It is illegal to just walk on some government properties because of it is a national security reason that you are not allowed.

If you are not an authorized person to be on the property, stay off of it.

Think of it this way, they are military bases and it would put the country at risk if people enter the property because someone could act with terrorism and endanger the country.

For your safety and the people serving to protect the country, don't attempt to invade a government building.

It is kind of an act of war but I do understand people feel that they pay taxes for it and they are curious.

In all reality, it is a research facility for military security reasons in the country.

You pay taxes for the security of the nation and they don't want intel out in the open, it isn't hard to understand.

Just be safe and don't break the law.

As far as E.T. life, it would kind of be best for the whole world to work together just in case of hostile alien life in the universe.

A world security would need to be understood.

The more defense, the better the chances the world could defend against alien technology and invasion if hostile.

Either way, wars on this planet need to stop and we need to work together and hopefully we never have this problem or any war!

See my {#VE_PEACE} "WORLD PEACE TREATY" for more on working together as well as the rest of the topics.

It is important that you are moral and responsible in your ways of life and it isn't fair for countries that don't want the corruption that exposes their families/children to the dysfunctional ways of life.

You have freedoms but that doesn't mean you get to do illegal things.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you get to slander and be abusive.

Freedom to vote, doesn't mean you get to do things that are a danger and risk of harm or harmful in contrary to other laws.

If it is illegal, it doesn't need to be a vote for it.

What is causing the crime and irresponsible decisions people are making?

Isn't CPS a government organization set up to prevent abuses in our children's lives?

What about the other children in the world?

Stop the abuses and educate the people so we can move forward with understanding and appropriately in the world together.

For national security and safety reasons, this topic needs to be mentioned so people aren't misunderstanding.

Talk sense into people so nobody gets hurt!


I am reporting neglect and abuse. The abuse is happening in (CASE#: 15-10880-NA), it turned into an even more abusive situation in (FILE#: 17-35875-MI) and then I was prosecuted in (CASE#: 18-0167-SM).

I filed a 10 page (permanency plan & goal) that is referenced at the bottom of the pages with proof of services and 8 colored pictures of my daughter (Jayla "Marie" Fil).

In the (permanency plan and goal), I brought it to the caseworker (Lesley White), (GAL-Duane E. Burgess), the prosecutor (Mark Reene) and everyone involved in (CASE#: 15-10880-NA) attention of what kind of father I am/was prior to the removal, my roles as a parent, what kind of stuff my daughter was involve in, the people in my daughters life, their roles and the goal with a simple way of proceeding without it being abusive.

Caseworker (Lesley White) provided the court with documents from (LIST Psychological Services) that said that my daughter doesn't remember her father but my child did not forget who her father is.

In the (permanency plan & goal), I let everyone involved know what kind of hours I was spending with my child prior to the removal.

I was spending approx. 6-10 hours/day, approx. 6 days/week and I did it like that for approx. 3 1/2 years.

My child did not forget who her father is.

At one of my visits my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) told me that she wanted to come back home because she wanted things to be the way it use to be because I made her feel like it was her birthday every day.

Also, I received documents that accuse my little girl (Jayla "Marie" Fil) of being a liar. I am so offended.

Ask all of her teachers from preschool-current, counselors at (LIST Psychological Services) and the foster care she is living with right now what kind of character she is because people are calling my child an excessive liar and accusing her of things that I am sure aren't true.

My child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) is a very simple child to understand and to parent.

I need the truth to get on the record so I can finally comfort my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil).


I correct her and she has sat in time out before but she isn't the kind of child that gets out of line. Sometimes she gets hyper and excited but she don't deserve to be punished.


Also, you can ask Jessica Beatty.

She is the witness that Lesley White brought up and she supervised my visits enough that she should understand the truth.

I did buy her socks so she could go bowling with my daughter and I but she didn't.

She should know who I am.

My child was so happy that she didn't have to deal with the caseworkers and got to see her father outside of the Department.

I wasn't out of line and I never said anything in front of my child.

I kept it professional but sure, I yelled at 2 people because they refuse to care enough to check on my child and be truthful.

I yelled a couple of times just while walking because of all of the abuses going on but I did not assault and threaten anyone.

I just vent by talking out loud and speaking about the evidence that the judge don't care to see.

I have to get through my day and it has been approx. 4 years of abuse. Jessica Beatty's contact information is:


Jessica Beatty, BS
(PTSS Worker)

6470 Marlette St.
Marlette, MI 48453

Office#: (989) 635-5775
Cell#: (989) 969-2318

Port City#: (810) 985-1101

* I wasn't able to verify this contact yet but this is the contact information that was provided to me on her business card and mentioned in court.

Also, remember that her name is (Jayla "Marie" Fil). The court/prosecutor keeps putting (Jayla "Elizabeth" Fil) after I already corrected them in court. I am really offended.

I was accused by (Lesley White) of threatening her and it might have been misunderstood by the judge.

I did not threaten anyone.

I simply told her in a text that if she doesn't start telling the truth in court and if my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) has to sit there and cry, I am going to prosecute.

Prosecutor (Erik Hinojosa) is not doing his job and he is manipulating everyone so he can put me through the system in really disrespectful ways. He is breaking the law.

It isn't fair that my child had to go through abuse because people didn't have understanding and wouldn't let me discuss anything with them.

I had to file it with the court hoping the judge would review it and care about my child.

I was complying but I was having to defend myself every time I went to court when I wasn't really doing anything wrong so I couldn't trust people.

They abused me the whole time and it caused me to lose my employment.

I was court ordered to do parenting education after I already proved to the court with my (permanency plan & goal) but I did it anyways.

I don't understand why after having the documents but Mike Grills walked out on me during my meeting with him so I couldn't complete it and I wasn't allowed to see my child in result of it.

I already was a parent understanding.


I asked the judge (NANCY L. Thane) to investigate because she took jurisdiction and the abuse needed to stop.

I specified that my little girl (Jayla "Marie" Fil) is my witness that can confirm everything in my (permanency plan & goal) that I presented already.

The pictures are proof of the innocence and happiness of my child prior to the removal.

The judge said it is hard to believe that I was a father in my child's life and proceeded abusively.

She yelled at me because of the lies from the people in court and it was very abusive and she is the one abusing my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil).

Later, I tried my hardest to prevent and intervene the abuse by contacting anyone I could to investigate.

The Caro Police Department used a bunch of reports against me for NO reason.

In all of the reports, I did not break the law in any of the situations so I didn't go to jail for it.

I was put through Mental Health abuse because I was making a report against the criminals.

During CPS court involvement in my child's life, the caseworker (Lesley White) accused me of texting to much when I was sending relevant information for their understanding and I was simply texting to be able to have evidence of conversation. It was used against me in court.

They also say that I wouldn't stay in contact.


I understand that it might seem like a lot of text, they said there were about 200 of them but I want the text and e-mails present to the judge (Nancy L. Thane).

Review the content if they provided all of them but they might not have because I only seen a couple of them that were intended on trying to incriminate me.

There wasn't anything threatening or assaultive in anything that I have sent anyone.

Also, you can only use so many character in a text before it becomes a second text.

If I had a lot to say, I apologize for so many text but it is their job to review it all and be understanding.

I made it simple by e-mailing instead.

In regards to calling late, I was still up and being severely abused because nobody cared to tell the truth in court so I texted to state my emergencies.

I assumed that they didn't have their phones on anyways but they would be able to read the contact first thing in the morning.

I was not breaking the law by contacting because that is what I needed to do.


Eventually, after getting yelled at by the judge, I finally yelled at my child's (Jayla "Marie" Fil) abusers.

I yelled at the supervisor (Amanda Bishop) who is caseworker (Lesley Whites) supervisor.

She was rude on the phone and wouldn't investigate so I yelled, "STOP ABUSING MY CHILD"! I wasn't playing around.


Also, I yelled at the judge (Nancy L. Thane) in a voicemail in the Probate/Family Division because I have already asked for them all to investigate and nobody would.

I don't remember everything that I said but I am sure I said something about investigating right now!

I did not yell at anyone else and I was not assaultive and harassing anyone.

I also got prosecuted for contacting the supervisor (Amanda Bishop) but I was just trying to get her to go to my profile on Facebook to help them understand what kind of person I am and what I was working on.


I asked how come the child in her picture gets to have the smile she had and mine don't?

I provided a lot more pictures at the time of my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) and her friends on my Facebook timeline but I provided the court 8 colored pictures in (CASE# 15-10880-NA) that get understood.

In the one that has her looking at the camera in green, she was looking at her father while at a visit in the Tuscola County - Department of Health & Human Services.

My daughter (Jayla "Marie" Fil) needed comfort of me being in her life the whole time but the court neglected/abused her by not letting me because people were breaking the law.

In the picture that I am mentioning, it is hard to believe that a child looking at her father like that doesn't remember who her father is!

I am hoping that when I am done proving everything that I get the pardoned and compensation for what is all evidence against the abusers.

I will explain everything in my next court documents as soon as possible.

I just have a little bit more to do but I have 4 (CASE#)'s to present, my volunteer services to the world, my explanations of my history - current up to date and my plans & goals.

It's just a lot of work but I am a really hard worker and I am in a hurry to get it done.

I do not want the Caro PD investigating because I have things to address in court in regards to them but I do trust State Troopers and I request them to do the investigation with video/audio.

I am requesting the judge (Nancy L. Thane) to go with them and correct the record or I want to prosecute! STP-Beyer was a witness to a police report in regards to trespassing.

I was not trespassing!

I will cover all of it in my final report.

I also want President Trump to investigate by going to my child's rescue!

(Jayla "Marie" Fil) I was not told her current placement but I am concerned that the court might try to lose her in the system or something to prevent the truth from coming out in the open.

All they had to do is tell the truth and allow me to comfort my child and get comfort knowing they would work with me and my child was alright so I could continue working but they went to court pretty much every hearing making things difficult with their lies and misunderstandings but it is hard to believe that after every time my child ask for her father, they didn't have understanding.

People in her life probably brought the concerns of my child's emotional well-being to their attention.

It was brought up in court by the GAL-Duane E. Burgess even.

I am hoping that I can get this court situation on the record with the truth so I can further volunteer to correct and educate CPS/caseworkers, prosecutors/attorneys, judges, mental health doctors and law enforcement to prevent abuses.

I have already tried to appeal and it did not get anywhere but I am understanding that I read a document saying that you only get 14 days to appeal.

I think by law, anyone can appeal upon evidence.

People shouldn't get to break the law because you have a time period.

I am obligated by LAW!

Also, I will prove that I am fit to be a parent...

There has been a lot of errors and false information from the caseworkers and court house workers.

The point is it is false information and my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) will makes sure it gets understood.

Don't think she doesn't understand the abuse she goes through because of the neglect to provide the truth to the court to have understanding of what would be the appropriate way of proceeding.

You have no idea how much pain and suffering my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) and I went through.

Don't under estimate my child.

She was very attended to and had a very intelligent father that spent every minute of my visits with her prior to the removal.

We have a wonderful bond.

How come the caseworkers don't know by now?

I already had my child prepared in her education to meet grade levels throughout the court involvement.

I volunteered in her pre-school class and the children had a great time.

I already know what the school was teaching so I let them continue doing their jobs but I was teaching along with them.

At that time, my child (Jayla "Marie" Fil) was already able to sound out words and do simple addition.

I was teaching her the difference between addition and subtraction.

She also wanted to learn how to write sentences because she we were working on a book about her dog for fun.

She was very intelligent.

She has great comprehension and problem solving skills because I sat down and put the hours in to prepare her for school and she loved school.

She had so much fun learning.

I was teaching her all of the time and I would quiz her often. She is very smart.

I am concerned because she said she didn't want to go to school anymore.

She misses her real teacher (ME) and it isn't fun for her anymore.

I want to get back in her life and get her back on track.

Sure, she is meeting grade level but if I was able to continue the education because I am the one that knows where she is in it, she would be so far ahead right now.

Most children aren't reading, writing and problem solving like she can at her age.

The people that took care of my child shouldn't have had a hard time keeping her at grade level because I had her prepared before the removal and she is a quick learner.

They did the opposite of what was best for her.

She had moral support and education!

I know she needs a visit.

My daughter was doing basic addition before she went to pre-school.

I use to pretend that I was her little brother and tell her have a good day at school, then I would pretend that I was the bus driver and take her to school and then I would be the teacher.

I was using books during our play time.

She was able to complete them by doing the math problems and she would get awards that were in the back as achievements.

We use to play simple card games and UNO to learn #'s and matching.

I did a lot more but she was capable of playing all different types of games.

During one of my visit's at the Department of Health & Human Services, I taught her connect 4 really quick and we played on paper.

I drew a grid to resemble the game and we used x/o's instead of checkers.

She might not remember the game now because I only played once with her but she was able to understand and play right away.

She don't take very long to learn but Jayla needs me to get back in her life to continue comforting her and doing my roles as a parent.

Her emotional well being and education is going backwards because the court & people involved didn't care about what her childhood was like prior to the removal and they are the ones not understanding.

I had my child very educated.

She was seriously able to do simple addition without her fingers in kindergarten.

I understand people might think she was to young because the school wasn't teaching her that yet but she already learned a lot of education by time she needed to and required to at school.

I understand that foster care helped her with the homework because I wasn't allowed to be there for her.

I know she needs me now because she is where I left off in her education and I need to get her back ahead of the game.

I did everything I could to prepare my child and she needs the comfort and I need to tell her what I need her to do.

I'll direct my child so she doesn't get behind and off track.


All I wanted was understanding in court for what was best for my child, myself, the other children & respondents and the people involved.

Let me prove it and stop abusing us by making decisions without understanding.


I do not want (Lesley White & Amanda Bishop) around my little girl and she can go to counselling to get further understanding.

Let my daughter discuss what she needs to instead of digging for information and accusing her of things putting her through a hard time.

Stop making decisions for my child without my permission and she better not be on medication to help her when you just need to stop being abusive.

The Tuscola County-Probate/Family Court thinks it is hard to believe that I was a father that spent time with my child and she doesn't remember who her father is.

My rights were terminated and I didn't even get to have a chance.

Almost 4 years I went through pain & suffering while they wouldn't let me comfort my child.

My child told me at one of my supervised visits that she wants to go back home and have her life the way it use to be because I made her feel like it was her birthday every day.

The court suspended my visits most of the time that it was in court before my rights were terminated.

Is it hard to believe that I was in my child's life and a good father?

My daughter (Jayla "Marie" Fil) made a rule for me a long time ago while I was tucking her in at her mother's house.

She said that I had to stay by her bedside until she fell asleep and I had to be back in the morning when she wakes up.

I understand that I didn't live with the mother and she didn't want to miss a moment.

I didn't either!

Justin A. Killinger
Caro, MI 48723 (USA)