Abolish H1-B visa

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Hi i am writing to let you know about issue with H1-B visa. Many of us as Americans and US citizens struggle to get job in USA while these foreign workers being replaced by Americans workers. Sad part to it , we have to train these workers before leaving job. Many of these workers come from India use Fake resume and Proxy Interviewer. some of them can't even speak English and have cheated their way thru and laugh at Americans government and people, how they have cheated the system and USA government is too dum to know. I highly request you to take strong action and stop H1-B visa from India. USA has become India and Americans government too blind to see. Please help Americans people get their jobs back and provide food back on table. How will you feel when a company ask you to train foreign workers so company let you go? Its like digging your own grave. That's just sad and bad system and Unfair to all Americans.

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