A Law to Ban Direct to Consumer Advertising by Pharmaceutical Companies

Direct to Consumer Marketing Corrupts the Media

Recent evidence provided by a CDC insider has demonstrated that the CDC omitted and falsified pediatric vaccine safety research data linking vaccines to autism - and subsequently tried to cover up the evidence. No one in Congress except Rep. William Posey has been willing to stand up and hold the CDC accountable. Senators and Congressional Representatives routine receive campaign support from Pharma, and direct to consumer advertising is the #1 source of revenue for media outlets. As a result, the American People will not hear the truth about issues like vaccine safety research fraud on television, or in their newspapers, television and online programming like CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC News and CBS News.

It's time to return objectivity re: health care options to the media, and to empower our elected officials to speak freely about issues that directly impact the health and well-being of the American people.

The American Medical Association has called for, and we second, a Ban on Direct to Consumer Advertising.

We therefore request a law banning DTC Marketing of pharmaceutical products immediately.

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Public Comments (588)
Dec 11th, 2018
Carol M. from Yorba Linda, CA writes:
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Its unethical on so many levels for Pharmaceutical companies to advertise on radio, television, cable TV, and Internet. So many of the ads are misleading, using fear tactics, and at times downright false advertising. It takes the doctor and patient out the conversation and ultimate decision for what is best for the patient. There should be zero advertising about any medication or biologics, that includes vaccines.
Jul 24th, 2018
gen a. from Redondo Beach, CA writes:
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ban drugs and its own ads. go back to natural culture by ingesting something natural. i’m still on drugs since i was an adolescent but now i’m an adult. just stop drugging us!
Jun 27th, 2018
Someone from Sequim, WA writes:
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This bombardment of legal drug pushing on television has to stop. Some of these drugs have the most horrendous potential side effects. Let people and doctors work together privately without this hammering and haranguing from these pharmaceutical companies. They are skirting on practicing medicine without a license. And the same goes toward vaccines push push push. It's time to push back and stop them.
Apr 9th, 2018
C K. from Council Bluffs, IA writes:
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I support this ban wholeheartedly.
Jan 14th, 2018
Someone from Wenatchee, WA signed.
Jan 11th, 2018
Someone from Westerville, OH signed.
Jan 9th, 2018
Someone from Tidewater, OR writes:
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I have a feeling that we need this law but I like to see all sides of the issue. Is either the "evidence" of the CDC cover up or the report about it available to the public?
Jan 8th, 2018
Someone from Malad City, ID signed.
Jan 8th, 2018
Vanessa H. from Mount Vernon, KY signed.
Jan 8th, 2018
suzanne j. from Pottstown, PA signed.

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