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Too Smart to be Disabled? Protecting America's Students

A request to create a law protecting above average disabled students.

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Stop Unnecessary Credit Reporting

Unnecessary Credit Reporting Is Invasion of Privacy and Discriminatory

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The Total Recall of The Senators and Representatives

This Government is in Violations of The Laws of the Land

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We the people of the United States hereby refuse to buy any GM car or product until the federal government returns the company to complete private ownership.

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H. R. 1529 - The Second Chance for Ex-Offenders Act of 2009

First Time Non-violent offenders Who Have Paid Their Full Debt - Deserve A Second Chance!

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Create a Foreign Legion for Illegal Aliens

Solution for illegal alien disaster

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Remove Nancy Pelosi from office, now!

Join other to remove Nancy Pelosi from office

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Term Limits for Congress

The people of the United States are fed up with over spending and the corrupt conduct of members of the United States Congress.

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Stop the Killing of Mute Swans THEY ARE NATIVE!

New scientific data shows mute swans are native.Stop the Killing!