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Require drug testing for recipients of all State and Federal Assistance Programs.

Why should taxpayers dollars support illegal drug use? Urge OUR government to support drug testing for ALL aid recipients.

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Stop GM Alfalfa

BAN GMO CROPS and CHEMICALS for Grazing Animals

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Free Shipping to our Troops

We feel that we should be able to send packages to our troops for free.

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Grandma Bo's Law

Any grandparent should sign this petition if they are denied visitation with their grandchild (children) for ANY reason, but especially when they are denied as a result of family bickering and vindictiveness on the part of the child's angry parents.

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Give our money back

There is over a Trillion dollars still sitting there of OUR money not being used we could USE that money right now

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A non-partisan movement for healthcare & insurance reform: equal access, options & coverage!

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End The Fundamental Transformation of America

TARP, Stimulus, Bailouts, Reckless Spending, Cap-n-Trade, Government Health Care, Government Intrusions. When Will it All End?

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Veteran GI Bill Education Benefits Should NOT expire after 10 years.

Veterans who complete their military service agreements should be allowed to used their benefits when they choose.

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TAAP (Teachers Against Abusive Parents)

Signing this petition will give strength to teachers to speak up to abusive parents without the fear of losing their job

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To set-up a Relief fund Watch dog for Haiti

In recent years Haiti's government has proved to be disloyal to people of haiti and corrupted.