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Stop Animal Cruelty

Please take action to increase the penalties for animal abusers.

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Enforce minimum wage jobs - End illegal ads for unpaid or illegally underpaid work

End employers abusive offers of unpaid or illegally underpaid work

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We The Citizens of the United States of America Petition to Remove Attorney General Eric Holder from Office

We the Cititizens of United States Of America can no longer stand by and allow the Office of the Attoney General to be mislead and embarrassed by Eric Holderman's poor judgement and misguided radical irrational beliefs.

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Drug Testing For Those on Welfare

Make your tax dollars count...drug test monthly those on welfare!!

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No to RFID Microchipping of People

Outlaw legislation that forces US citizens to have RFID or microchip implants.

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Racism and Hatred in Arizona

Help kill this virus masked as Senate Bill 1070! Please join us with a simple push of a button to send Congress and the President a loud message...

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Petition to Condemn the Conviction of Anthony Pierce

On May 6th, 2010, Anthony Pierce was convicted for murdering a man he never even met; An officer who veered off the road across town while on his way to a crime.