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Support of H.R. 2801- Extend & Expand First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

Support the extension of current FTHB tax credit & offer it to all home buyers, not just first-time buyers.

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Evict the Congress

Send Congress & Obama an Eviction Notice

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Students for Fair Screening Measures for Blood and Bone Marrow

As physicians and physicians-in-training, we are the voice of science and facts, and the guardians of policy to make sure it fair and based on what we have learned through evidence-based research.

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Dobermans in Military Housing

Dobermans are intelligent and loyal companions

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Assyrian Homeland

Assyrians', the indigenous people of Iraq, have become over 40% of Iraq's Refugees, something needs to be done.

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Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

This critical bill will create countless GREEN jobs, and will cut emissions.

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Please help Reginald Finley get reunited with his son Donovan.

A Georgia man has been without his son for 12 years because of loop-holes in Georgia's legitimation process.

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legalize marijuana

make it just like drinking in america.