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Vote YES On Universal Health Care Legislation Now

Univeral Health Care is the only way to go.

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Raise for Social Security

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Dress Code in Our Public Schools.

Dress code violations taking aways our childrens rights to an education.

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To preserve and protect the true nature of the wolf and prevent the perpetuating population of the Wolf-Dog/Wolf-Hybrid

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government discrimination against recovering addicts and alcoholics

our government has expanded a list that was originally devloped for individuals who defrauded the governent, in the past 12 years it has expanded to include recovering addicts and alcoholics

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Equality for females in the military

Females in the military are not treated equally among men as they are not allowed to join the infantry for the simple fact that they are a woman

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Ban On Clove and Flavored Cigarettes

Congress is working on banning flavored cigarettes and cigars, including flavored tobacco and clove cigarettes. What happened to 'Land of the Free'?

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Repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act known as Obamacare

The healthcare bill is unconstitutional and exceeds the authority granted by the Constitution

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American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

To help through SUPPORT, those families of All Contractors serving in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.

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HR 3200 Religious Exemption

Please remove this unconstitutional and unethical exemption which leads to child death