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10 Commandments

Put the Ten Commandments Back!!!

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Stop the ACLU

Stop the ACLU from recieving Tax Dollars

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We want criminal prosecution of BP Management for the 11 Deaths on the Horizon Oil Rig.

A BP manager made the call and ordered drilling to continue over warnings and on-rig operators objections to stop. We want those BP Managers arrested and charged with federal crimes. We want BP managment arrested for murder.

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Unfair trials and unjust punishment

Protect the innocent they need our help

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Petition Against the Burning of the Holy Qur\'an

Stop organizations from burning the Qur'an

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Ban the Box

Ban the Box is an important legislation that seeks to eliminate discrimination against those with criminal arrest records, in hiring practices

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Americans against same-sex marriages

Marriage was first established for the purpose of procreation, and should remain such, only between a man and a woman.

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H.R.5492 the "Fresh Start Act of 2010"

First Time Non-Violent Ex-Offenders Deserve a Second Chance and A Fresh Start. Give Them Their Lives Back.

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drug test people that are on ssi or ssid

we the people that on disabily need the money the the drug dealer