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Establish the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a National Monument

Help protect a great American wilderness from development

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Abolishment of "At-Will" (Slavery) employment law

The 1865 Thirteenth Amendment did not abolished slavery in th U.S.

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Tax cuts for the wealthy do not take precedent over food and shelter for the unemployed.

For far too long the middle class and poor have been politely silent while those with influence and deep pockets have manipulated our processes in this country. Please join me in petitioning our elected officals to do what is right for those who's vo

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Congress Must Live Under the LawsThey Create!

Congress must live under the laws they create!

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stop unsolicited junk mail

Are you tired of receiving so much junk mail?

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"jisel's" law

Unborn babies count too!

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America united for the recovery of the US economy

Create jobs and inject billions of dollars into the economy WOUT adding to the National Debt

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Increase Herpes Research Funding

Please support this cause as herpes is muce more than a "skin condition" and ruins lives!

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Eliminate H-1B visa program and pathway to Permanent Residency for H-1B workers

Save American jobs, help bring this country out of this rut of stagnant wages and high unemployment

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