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R E A D all the complaints about how DYFS and ALL CPS services are dividing families all over the USA. In NJ alone parents are reaching for anyone who can help them from these people who take their children because of anonymous calls from disgruntle-spouses-neighbors X's'. Granted there are those who are BAD PARENTS BUT there are also who have had their children taken because of a rash or a mental parent(not-a-legal-signature)has been coerced into signing. In this case DYFS is reaching for straws accusing (neighbor)Cassandra D. of one unfounded allegation after another. DYFS has already threatened her with "TIME-PAST" in which THEY use this AFTER STALLING FOR TIME to CLAIM and KEEP her children!? This cannot be legal?! What is going on with the world and those who are bound to protect?<br />
DYFS in NJ has a BAD reputation of using this "TIME--PAST" EXCUSE to TAKE CHILDREN!!! YES! The people running DYFS/CPS lie to judges, doctors and so forth to accuse innocent parents. Each child adopted brings the state $4,000, $6,000 and up to $8,000 if they are mentally's stomach turning.<br />
We need to help Cassandra and many like her! Help us get DYFS/CPS services all over the USA on the right track!<br />
UNFOUNDED CHARGES! If there is NO proof-You can NOT-ADD another <br />
just to kill time ...and CLAIM-TIME-PAST"<br />
CV<br />
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Sep 1st, 2017
Someone from Stewartsville, NJ writes:
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Yes DCPP( DyFS) does this and more. This is the current method to get kids They coerce a meeting with the parent and children away from the residence to to avoid civil rights complaints of intrusion and invasion. Often offering money and housing or whatever is desperately needed. They prey easily on people who are impoverished or homeless. Then they take the children on whatever ground they can perceive. These are the case-workers, who are immune from perjury. Next, once in court-they settle the parent with a novice attorney with No experience with DCPP cases who has no brief whatsoever-Utterly wet-behind -the ears)-No due process is impossible for the parent who is by this point bereaved at the loss of his/her family. The court proceeds by English court doctrine meaning: Guilty until proven innocent, depriving the parent from any defense or testimony. Next, all hearsay evidence (coerced by psychologist from the children) comes from the Law Guardian who is supposedly representing the children, but in fact representing the DCPP. Next, if allegations are disproved, the game is not over, DCPP will go on the make sure the parent loses his/her job by arranging and manipulation child visits during work hours, causing more financial hardship to already impoverished and grieving parent. Next step: Once the grieving and now "poorer parent" is not able to hire the proper attorney to fight the case, he/she is despondent. The tactic is to get him/her to agree to only some or no visits, while telling the children (via psychologists hired by DCPP,) they have no hope and demeaning their parents. No kid wants to hear that. It makes him feel that he is no good. Fire these people. Next step: going back to court with a title 30, Meaning that the court must act in the best interest of the child, even though the original charges have been disproved. At this point, the children said they want their parent, but the court through all of the tactics and manipulation now have the right to keep the children based on their assumption of best interest of the child. So by coercion and deception and destruction of the parental financial means, they claim other stuff that was generally caused by the whole ordeal or the poverty that precipitated it, caused by agencies" the failure to address an attend the real issues of family health and integrity, ie. success. We are appalled at the statement "400 kids will not sleep in their own beds tonight " as proclaimed by CASA, (Like that's something to be proud of). Statistics show that only 20% of children takes are real abuse cases, 40% are questionable (poverty may fall into this category) and last is the 40% the agency calls"throwbacks", nonchalantly. We also know that any kidnapping of anyone is psychologically damaging forever for anyone. Generally it is a federal crime. This calculated attitude of children taken as numbers in a system is MANIACAL The whole scheme is foreboding , sick and corrupt. Especially corrupt when you add the $2 billion in state revenue. all the adoption agencies, state employees, attorneys, grants and donations-.---------All with the public beguiled by the "supposed saving children" when actually it's 80% failing families. With tax-payers dollars!
Aug 7th, 2017
Someone from Edison, NJ signed.
Apr 5th, 2017
Someone from New York, NY writes:
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I understand. I've been going through it for 3yrs. Gave 100% attendance for a drug treatment and paremting program I did not need. My children are emotional scared from the ongoing experience. Everytime a wrkr comes to the they ask me if there leaving again. Therapy that the therapist was stating that our bond is great. Graduation with 99% success rate. It's been stated the kids have improved emotionally and educationally since they've been back with me. Just as the judge is wanting to close my case because I've complied with everything. Now they want to all edge my children are being abused. The system is corrupted and not here to help anyone but line their pockets.
Apr 4th, 2017
Someone from Jersey City, NJ writes:
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My brother was taken from us years ago and with no evidence or proof of anything. We simple had the worlds most lazy public defender because we couldn't afford a lawyer. It is criminal scarring and unjust how they can ruin families so easily. Now my 8 year old brother lives with a family that has most of their children having children as teenagers and the mom living from boy friend to boyfriend because the dad just walked out on them. How can this happen?! Where is justice?! DYFS claimed we didn't do enough in the amount of time given so they had to end the reunification process. We fought and fought, years later we still can't rap our heads around what happen.
Mar 18th, 2017
TIFFANY P. from Carriere, MS writes:
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True as they will say now the child has bonded to these strangers and it'll do further damage to separate them from said strangers (foster/adopters)...what about the damage they cause removing children on things like simple possible/probable future neglect or harm and never substantiated..Isn't that the most damaging? DHS of all states need to be made to help people in poverty not strip them of their rights of their children. The world would be a much better place. The only village a child needs is usually in their home. The problem is Foster carers get state money easily and are penalized for it where Natural parents are considered unfit for the same needs. Pray something changes and soon. STOP ALL TITAN IV FUNDING!!!
Feb 13th, 2017
Someone from Georgetown, TX writes:
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Cps is responsible foe HURTING more family's than it helps! There isvno general "Best interest of a child" what one famiky ir parent can handle the next may not. When parents makes mstake(s) itmay effect the chikdren by it REALLY needs to be consisered and thought out on if taking the children from their parents woyld truly HELP or HURT THE FAMILY EVEN MORE. .
Feb 13th, 2017
Someone from Georgetown, TX writes:
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Cps is responsible foe HURTING more family's than it helps! There isvno general "Best interest of a child" what one famiky ir parent can handle the next may not. When parents makes mstake(s) itmay effect the chikdren by it REALLY needs to be consisered and thought out on if taking the children from their parents woyld truly HELP or HURT THE FAMILY EVEN MORE. .
Jan 30th, 2017
Theoni L. from New Brunswick, NJ signed.
Jan 25th, 2017
Someone from Beaumont, TX writes:
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I am in the same situations right now I didn't have a case open last year when my daughter was born now I have case. like what **** man
Jan 16th, 2017
from Electra, TX writes:
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Yes they are the devil. They made it so hard on my family . Took my 11 year old son. May god have mercy on there soul
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