Increase H1B visas quota for (FY) 2014 Cap season

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Here are the reasons:

1. Companies are willing to support foreign employees because they perform well and bring profits to companies. Company growth brings about a prosperous economy to United States.

2. A late decision on H1B visa quota increase may not hurt US market too much. But if we consider many foreigner students through their hard work at school, work hard for their employers. It will be unfair for them losing their jobs because of unlucky in visa lottery.

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US need to give more efficient rules to support students

Because we spending too much money here .so we deserve something back
The US has qualified staff to fill these rolls. This is all about profits for companies to bring in lower cost resources. PROVE THAT THE US DOES NOT HAVE THE TALENT TO FILL THESE ROLLS. This is exporting US dollars and wealth to the landed resources countries.
Please increase the visa cap
Please remove visa cap
It is ridiculous that a nation blocks talented people merely because of luck.
Please increase the cap. As a F1 student my opportunities , ideas and contributions should not be based on a lottery system. Please except or increase the quota for H1B F1 students with STEM degrees.