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Don't you want to know why our own DHS is arming to the teeth, yet our 2nd Amendment right to keep & bear arms?...

It cannot be emphasized enough, that thanks to those who have fought and died to protect our Constitution; we the people, still have the ability determine the future of our country, freedoms, rights & liberties.

?When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.? - Thomas Jefferson

But ultimately, it is up to each and every one of us as Americans to decide whether we will take the ?dangerous? path of freedom or assume the ?peaceful? appeasement of slavery?

It is time for everyone to support Congress, and demand answers as to the REAL reason behind the unprecedented ammo purchases (over 2 billion rds of hollow point) by Dept. of Homeland Security. (
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Paul Joseph 22, 2013

Senator Rand Paul?s successful effort to get answers concerning the Obama administration?s drone strike program by staging a dramatic marathon filibuster earlier this month should be the template for a similar attempt to force the DHS into divulging the reasons behind its domestic arms build-up.

During his 13 hour filibuster on March 6, the Kentucky Senator mentioned the unprecedented ammo purchases, expressing alarm at how Americans were being treated as terrorists for owning guns while the government was simultaneously stockpiling bullets at breakneck speed.

WIth the federal agency having committed to purchasing around 2 billion bullets over the course of the last year, concerns that Big Sis is preparing for civil unrest have spread like wildfire as Americans fear a repeat of scenes already witnessed in places like Greece and Cyprus in the aftermath of an economic collapse.

Despite over a dozen members of Congress demanding an explanation as to why the agency has purchased enough ammunition to wage a 20 year-plus war answers have not been forthcoming, with the only response arriving in the form of a glib statement made by a DHS official, Peggy Dixon, who blithely claimed that the bullets were bought in bulk to save money and that they were for training purposes only.

Given that the DHS obviously thinks it can ignore sitting members of Congress, we call on any member of Congress to stage another filibuster or at least ask some hard questions and demand answers about why the agency is apparently trying to hide what seems to many observers to represent a domestic arms build-up in preparation for civil unrest.

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