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February 11, 2013,
I ask every member of the United States Congress to live up to their Oath of Office as per Article Two and Six of the US Constitution, and to uphold the Article Four, Section Four reasonable expectation of
Miss Felicita Luna, that she should and will benefit by republican form of government by the agency of the States of Florida, Connecticut and New York and possibly Pennsylvania, and by the agency and special legislation of Congress.
Felicita Luna is a gifted artist, humanitarian, and vigilant fighter for human rights.
She is an internationally admired personage who will bring great credit to the
United States of America, if and when the government in certain situations and
contexts begins to live up to their obligations to her and her family as well.
The false arrest of Andy Gil Garcia, her son, should be expunged; the kangaroo court
verdict against him should be voided, and the sentence commuted forthwith; and
a Letter of Declaration of Actual Innocence be granted to Andy Gil Garcia by the
State of Florida via the Office of the Governor in the form of a pardon without prejudice,
or - failing that - by Act of Congress in
special legislation.
We additionally request that Luna v. Dobson be recommended for the docket of the
US Supreme Court by agency and favorable recommendation by the US Department
of Justice, at such time as the US Department of Justice is capable of restoring
justice in America.
We also request an honest inquest into the death of Felicita Luna's son,
Carlos Valentin. As a corollary to that inquest, the matter of possible
theft under color of the personal effects and fortune of Carlos Valentin
must be drawn into any such investigation.
We further request that Felicita Luna, a veteran honorably serving in the
United States Air Force, be granted a three-year window by the State of
Florida, or failing that the State of Pennsylvania (as per special request already
lodged with a high official in Pennsylvania; a request for a courtesy favorable
treatment as Felicita Luna has never resided in Pennsylvania, but simply has
asked for her rights as a citizen to be fully restored), to re-establish her identity
as a resident of Florida or Pennsylvania - and that Felicita Luna, who has never
committed a crime in her life, be exonerated by every means of expungement
she may request; at the same time preserving all evidence of State mishandling
of her data and material well-being.
We finally request that an investigation into the mishandling of data respecting
Felicita Luna, and the maltreatment of Felicita Luna by social workers, including
personnel acting under color within Government-related housing and other authorities in
New York, as well as certain Connecticut officials and attorneys, be forthwith undertaken
by Federal authorities; and that restitution for these above referenced matters be minimally granted to Felicita Luna and to Andy Gil Garcia respectively

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Give this person equal protection and justice under the law where at all possible! Do not keep denying Americans their Civil and Human Rights as our leaders who we put in charge to administer justice fairly and legitimately, not so as to corrupt our courts and our government!
A wonderful woman, who cares about humanity and justice!
restore Felicita Luna's rights!!!
because child protective services steals lies fasleifys calls and reports they give to the judge to keep our children no matter how hard we work and fix the problems in our lives they will create documents to give to the judge and gal and there based on lies created by the cps workers and supervisors and the children they take from the parents are never charged in criminal court but the parents lose their rights to their family sick just dick with the corruption within our courts and cps dhhs gov officials cops lawyer judges they let cps walk all over our rights as united states citizens