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Hundreds of thousands of individuals have lost their lives due to the War on Drugs. Approximately 200,000 people die each year due to (preventable) improper use of Trade drugs compared to 2.5 million in alcohol related deaths. The United States currently has over 330,000 incarcerated drug offenders, annually costing a rough $10,324,400,000. The War on Drugs is expensive and exploitative warfare against ethnic conglomerates affiliated with the production and distribution of Trade products. Most prohibited paraphernalia hold cultural and spiritual values for diverse communities. Example, the coca leaf is a recognized, cultural sacrament of the Bolivian people, as is marijuana for Mexicans, Africans, Native Americans and others. The Unified World Drug Trade regards holistic, spiritual, cultural and recreational as interchangeable terms of use and is hereby proposing it's business plan to legally convert the Trade industry by specifying consumption advisories and accepting regulatory taxation. Our initial target is Marijuana Trade legalization.

We request the Federal Government of the United States of America to legalize the Marijuana Trade through the World Drug Trade's Conversion Plan. During prohibition, marijuana was preserved by minority groups in consequence of freedoms lost. Violence associated with the Marijuana Trade can be eliminated through the conversion process, over a million new jobs created, in addition to more than fifty billion dollars in annual revenue.

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The government needs to realize the drug war cost more in lives and upkeep for non violent prisoners. If for no other reason, the drug war needs to end because of its collasal waste of taxpayer revenue. Going after the fraudulent banking practice of the last five years would be a much better use of time money and resources.
As a criminology/criminal justice major, I believe that world drug trade legalization would enable law enforcement to focus on crimes more dangerous to society (such as murder/rape/larceny, etc) and less on incarcerating harmless and productive members of society.
We have already demonstrated with alcohol prohibition that the solution to addictions and delinquincy is NOT prohibition, but regulation. Marijuana carries far less potential for harm than either alcohol or tobacco. Ending Marijuana prohibition is a crucial step in treating our nation's drug-related problems. It has the potential to bring in a great deal of tax revenue, which will certainly help with our budget woes. Please, for the good of the people, end prohibition.
It has alot of potential for other uses than just "getting high". Don't be ignorant people. Look at history itself.