Proposed 29th Amendment to the United States Constitution

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We have placed all our trust in Congress and our Presidents to govern our land without scrutiny. However, we have come to realize that this has been a huge mistake. Many of the citizens were not aware of the workings of Congress and our President, but now, out of desperation, we have educated ourselves and have become more knowledgeable of what is happening around us, WE THE PEOPLE. If you are truly what you have taken oath to be, in your next assembly this proposed amendment to the United States Constitution will sail through your Chambers and become a part of our Constitution that governs ALL citizens of these United States. You must realize that it is WE THE PEOPLE you are there to REPRESENT, not bullwhip into submission to fit your self-serving needs. We are, at this point, in a laundry list of articles, asking for the following in a 29th (or next number in sequence) Amendment to the United States Constitution

(1) Before being approved by any political Party to run for or be appointed to any office of the Federal government, it is mandatory that a certified copy of a verifiable birth certificate be submitted to the respective Party and/or made openly available to the general public and displayed in an accessible, but secured place for inspection, for a period of 30 days prior to announcement of seeking office. Then, after satisfying any objections raised by any citizen, same birth certificate shall be accepted or rejected by the Executive Committee of the Party for which the candidate will represent. A personal background check will also be conducted by the Party on each candidate before acceptance.

(2) Members of Congress shall not vote themselves pay raises without first putting it up for popular vote from all American citizens, the employer.

(3) Serving as Members of Congress and the Presidency is a privilege and an honor bestowed by the votes of the Citizens of the United States, not a career. Members of Congress and the President must leave after their completed term in office and return to their common lifestyle and to the common work force as any other American citizen. There will be no lifetime "retirement" salaries, bonuses or benefits provided, except bonuses that may be approved by the votes of the citizens for outstanding accomplishments for the common good of all.

(4) Government assets (shall not be used for any personal purposes by the President or Members of Congress or their relatives, including, but not limited to campaigning, vacations, personal travel or entertainment and none of the same shall be funded with taxpayer revenue.

(5) The Electoral College shall be abolished and voting during Presidential elections shall be by popular vote of American citizens wherein majority rules.

(6) Freedom of Christian worship shall be restored wherever and whenever desired by the citizens of the United States without restriction. This includes government buildings and properties (assets of the American people), schools, public events and the like. Prayer and the use of GOD's name in reverence shall be freely and openly used in any capacity a citizen wishes to do so without interference or restriction by Government.

(7) The English language shall be made the official and foremost language of the United States and all businesses shall conduct business using the English language.

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No Law shall be passed-past. present or future- that does not Equally apply to those who passed them, No exemptions
How about FOR ONCE LISTENING TO YOUR CONSTITUANTS?????? That or it will be time TO VOTE YOU OUT!!!!!
Article 6 should either be eliminated or The word Christian should be eliminated.
The only thing I am against is :"The government getting raises, their paid vacations, shopping sprees, and WE THE PEOPLE are paying for it.
Let people worship who they want and for the sake of all of us in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN GOD WE TRUST, AND in the pledge of alligence ONE NATION UNDER GOD- stays--Why are you peeps so against. WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD an will stay until the MAN (GOD) TAKES US HOME.
CONGRESS NEEDS TO STOP LISTENING TO THE NON belivevers athiests and other non believers to submit all this ******** and make Congress believe and for GODS sake QUIT LETTING THESE PEOPLE BUY YOU, You think your getting something, you, we are the USA in ruins. WAKE UP
I feel the president Must prove citizenship , and agree , once out of office , to go back to normal life , and we the people should be able to vote on any raises that members of congress or the president should receive. Also we pay for all these luxury vacations they take , when 50% of America can't live decently . Please vote this in !!!
time for we the people take our country back and make everything work in this great nation