Start immediate investigation of Barack Obama's use of forged IDs and a CT SSN which was never assigned to him according to e-verify

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hey ppl our congressem and our senators are a disgrace to let obama and his cabinet do and get away with what they r doing.
Impeachment is long overdue.
If I had used falsified documents to support any US Government forms that I had submitted, I would surely be arrested and charged.
Why is he "immune" from prosecution?
Impeach him now ! ! !
Get him out already! What are you waiting for? the end of the Free States?
George Soros is ruining this country and he has Barry as a puppet. How long will it take before people can see this?
should I say, I love to be right! or I told you so!
WE Demand Hearings! WE Demand Answers!
Vet him like you were supposed to do 5 years ago
I am an AMERICAN citizen, and I DEMAND justice NOW!!!!!!!
Obama doesn't like the US or it's laws . Impeach him
This imposter needs to be tried and sentence for life without any type of parole...
There is enough evidence to support an investigation that Obama is not a rightful occupant of the position he holds. Grossly ignored is the fact that he has never resided in the state where his social security number was issued. This also demands further investigation. Were he anyone else, he would be investigated and probably tried for crimes. I urge you do do the job you were sworn to do and conduct congressional investigations or or better yet, an independent investigation.
I respect any man or women occupying the office of President of The United States but if there is any uncertainty about the current president's eligibility to be president it should be investigated immediately. It is a shame that the Supreme Court refused to hear a case vital to the nation.

It is about time our Congressman take their job seriously and fully investigate the allegations of dishonesty and falsification used to usurp the presidency of the United States.

If the so called birthers cases are meritless then why have the courts not imprisoned them for filing meritless cases? I think the answer is clear and that is that there is truth behind the allegations but that every judge is affraid of ruling against a sitting president.
My prayers are with you.
Resident of the 3rd Michigan US house district
Thank you Dr. Taitz for all you do. God bless you. You are surely a patriot. I pray for this country every day.
This FRAUD needs to be tried for high treason!! He is a complete lie, and is destroying our once great country. Do your jobs and act now before it is too late and there is no USA!
This man is evil, another Hitler if we let him continue.
Our Constitution is LAW
Our country is about to become a socialist country or even communist. I only hope that obama is gone in four years but I'm afraid he'll be in there longer. Hopefully I'll be dead of old age by then.
God bless you Orly! Folks it is time for action, every minute counts!
I want to know the truth and you can provide that truth with the strength of the public behind you.
The man has to go while our country can still be salvaged, but hurry!
if a crime is committed it must be fully investigated and prosecuted, it's the law
Enough of the stonewalling. You people need to identify with the fact of why you are there in the first place. It's certainly not for Obama.
Please investigate this thoroughly before he takes our country down, we all know that he is not a U.S. citizen.
only got by with this because he is black.

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