Start immediate investigation of Barack Obama's use of forged IDs and a CT SSN which was never assigned to him according to e-verify

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The Congress and the Senate wonder why they have such a low rating, despite most having college degrees.

Well, Congressmen and Senators take a seat while I unload some facts on you! Every, I repeat EVERY, single one of you have failed your Constitutional duty! Every single one of you have aided and abetted the overthrow of the United States! Oh, that's right - there is no such thing as the United States government was turned into a Corporation in 1781! Despite this fact, lets discuss your failure of your Constitutional duty and your outright act of TREASON against America!

I hear all of you saying that Obama was born in Hawaii with absolutely NO VERIFIABLE proof of this! Likewise, do any of you have a damn brain - or have all your brain cells died from the drugs you have been working with the drug cartels to smuggle into the US?

All of you so smart lawyers and not one of you can tell honestly the difference between a citizen and a NATURAL BORN citizen!!

Let me enlighten you, you dumb ****ing bastards! A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is one who is born to parents who are BOTH, I repeat BOTH, themselves American citizens! Do you now understand? Do I need to say it again?

If you would like I could come and talk on the floor to both the House and the Senate to tell you all to your faces that you are all complicit in TREASON against the United States, and every single one of you should be tried as such and executed in accordance to LAW!

This upsets me as I have always liked a few representatives. However, feelings have nothing to do with upholding the law and your Constitutional duties!

Lets talk about the wonderful birth certificate that the Whitehouse and its regime wanted the American people to believe was a true birth certificate. It was the worst forgery of all time, because the person who made the BC was not the sharpest tool in the shed!

Lets go over a few items on the BC.. like the fact that he was listed as an African-American, yet at the time of the "BC" blacks were noted as either black or *****, not African American! Likewise, it states he was born at a hospital that didn't even yet exist at that time! These are but only two of the errors, among the many that have been found. However, despite all of this; even if it was true that he was born in America, his father as noted is NOT AMERICAN, which makes Barry NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! This on its own merit means he is not now, nor ever was eligible to be President of this country!

As you have all chosen to embody the proverbial principle of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" from the monkeys noted as Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru then you all should be treated as the animals you portray yourselves to be! By the way this thought process was a rip off from the Analects of Confucius from 2nd to 4th century B.C.. However, then again as your knowledge, despite many of you having college degrees, has left you unable to comprehend such a sim
Our Constitution is only as good as those who are willing to honor their sworn oaths to defend it. Unfortunately, it seems that our paid employees consider pay and pensions to be worth more than their individual personal honor. LTC Terry Lakin is a clear exception, and should be our judge at our revolutionary tribunal!
How come this President's past is so secretive as we have known all about all the other presidents?
It follows as the night does the day, that if he lied about his citizenship in order to gain the office of the U.S. Presidency, which he is clearly NOT entitled or qualified to hold. We have thus an invalid president. Neither his sitting the chair of office nor any of the "laws" or executive orders are legal or valid. It will require use of force, I believe and whoever sits the chair has already been bought and paid for by the puppeteers.
I want all our representatives that have not removed him, then they must be a part of his continuing illegalities, and they can be charged as accomplices. Git er done!!!
I'm just mad because I lost the damn election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It should not be this hard with all the evidence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama is a criminal. I cannot believe that Congress has been shown the proof and they won't prosecute. This a conspiracy at the highest levels of our government. Fraudulent birth certificate, forged selective service registration and someone else's social security number. If it was anyone else, they would already be in jail. What is wrong with our elected officials that they are sworn to uphold the law but won't do anything? This is the biggest fraud and lie that has ever been perpetrated on the American people.
Enough is enough this usurper has got to go
Your lack of action is aiding and abetting a felon
Who cares if there is a racism claim backlash. Just because Obama is the first black president does not excuse the obvious fraud the Democrats have perpetrated on the American People and the United States of America.
Enough of giving this foreign born, Muslim raised fool a free pass to ignore the US Constitution,all because he is Mulato. If he indeed has forged these documents, he should be tried for High Treason.
Where are the REAL MEN in this country. Please come forward and have the guts to be intentional about our country. You do nothing, then we destroy ourselves from within. You would get strong backing but something has to do the first hard thing.
also better put a stop to the global geoengineering before it destroys all the life support systems on this planet.....
To me it appears the only thing Obama is doing is trying to destory the USA
He's a muslim financed by the Saudis!
I think Obama needs to be impeached and tried for high treason....
First, it was his disrespect towards veterans, now he allegedly used fake ID to rig the 2012 election? All i know is that in 2016, I will be glad to see him go.
My GOD, at least investigate, or do you care nothing about the USA.
Truth will Prevail
all we need , is a sheriff with enough ball's to go arrest Obama ..they have the power .
Think a president should be forthcoming with all documents that there is proof of who he is. Where are pictures provided as proof of Michelle Obama having carried her said children.
I think that he should show his real BC or get out of OFFICE
please add an investigation of marriage certification, due to allegations of illegal wedding, there has to be investigation of all of this.
Congress how can you allow a President of all people - to Not Be an US Citizen, and to have false background, birth certificate, ect. - And to allow him to pass laws that are agaist the US Citizen??? You took a Oath to protect the Country and it's citizens. Why aren't you??
Why don't we the people take action and do something . I think we have the power to get things right and take back this country for the people .
Prosecute, convict, sentence the fraud.
why cant we the people get this imposter out of the oval office? why? why? why?
On the Birth Certificate it says he is an African American. What year did they start using that
under Race?
Enough is enough. Stop this or let the bullets fly and the blood flow.
Why take issue against the Guatemalans, the Honduras, and the San Salvadoran children illegals, without first taking down the First Illegal.
Obama himself.
Get rid of him so the Country can expunge his policies which are ruining our beloved Nation and are contrary to the wishes of most American citizens.
he is using false ids n a ss no belonging to a dead man. he is a fraud wake up America.
It's mighty peculiar that all the talkin' heads on TV haven't figured out what the boy is up to. They keep ascribin' it to ineptude. He's doin' it on purpose. He owns the Justice system so gonna be hard to get anything on him as long as Harry Reid is in charge of the Senate.
It's insane what is happening today in America while the congress, both houses sit idly by as the country melts down. God have mercy on you all.
If congress doesn't investigate, all members should be arrested for consiracy and complicity of treason.
If you have to open more PRISONS in order to incarcerate the democrats and other criminals responsible for the occupancy of an ILLEGAL FRAUD sitting in our White House, then by all means do it to save our NATION. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!
Listen to the experts not the media.

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